As much as I love white kitchens, there's something to be said for the
warmth that wood brings to a space.  
Here are some kitchens I found that incorporate a little or a lot of wood in a variety of ways.

This kitchen has soft yellow walls and gorgeous white ceiling beams
that complement the beautiful natural wood cabinets.
That's a pretty amazing sink too along with the countertops.

There's an interesting mixture of wood and painted cabinets in this one.
The range hood has such wonderful detail and makes a great focal point.
                 Traditional Kitchen by San Francisco Design-Build Firms EBCON Corporation

Of course I love the blue planked walls and they look great with the wood 
cabinetry and flooring in this kitchen.
              Beach Style Kitchen by Portland Architects & Building Designers Whitten Architects

There is just a touch of wood here with the old table and the door on the right
but it's just enough to add that warm feeling along with the painted cabinetry.
besides, I really love this kitchen so I had to include it  : )
         Farmhouse Kitchen by Sharon Architects & Building Designers Rafe Churchill: Traditional Houses

Look at these amazing wide planked floors and old beams on the ceiling ~ gorgeous!
And isn't that a beautiful cabinet with the glass doors on the far wall?

What I noticed about this kitchen is the wood countertop.
I like how it looks with the trim around the windows ~ very pretty.

This kitchen is almost all wood, even the ceiling!
I think the light color of the wood makes it a welcoming
space without being too dark.
                   Farmhouse Kitchen by Highlands General Contractors Futral Construction

This itty bitty kitchen is so cute.
The white bead board is a nice contrast with the darker tone of the cabinets.
                Traditional Kitchen by Millbrook Architects & Building Designers Crisp Architects

Look at all of the character in this cottage kitchen.
Beautiful planked ceiling and notice the old fashioned cupboard on the right.
Mint colored cabinets are something you don't see too often ~ do you like them?

Look at this stunning kitchen!
All wood and topped off by the huge stone hearth over the stove.
Beautiful sunlight streams in through the windows around the top of the room.
                   Rustic Kitchen by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers Peace Design

Do you have wood tones in your kitchen or would you like to?
I used to think that wood would (ha ha) make a room dark
but when done right, it doesn't have to.

Thanks for coming by ~ I hope you have a happy day!



  1. I love the light green cabinets with the wood ceiling. Now that ours is bright we are thinking about wood floors for our kitchen next year.

  2. #s 4 and 5 are my favorites.

  3. I am right in the middle - what works best for me is pickled oak - it's very light and matches all my doors and staircase.....but I have white baseboards and a touch of wood, ivory and black. All white and all dark wood is too extreme for this middle child Libra, haha. BALANCE in the middle is always my comfort.

    Neat post.

  4. Great kitchens. I so agree that is why in our new home I went with wood in our French country kitchen. Take a look I just posted.


  5. Ok...4, 5, 7 and that last one are all my style! When can I move in? ;)

  6. JoAnne- This is a wonderful post. I, too, like a wood kitchen. The first one you posted has hickory cabinets and that is what we used in this house. It is a wood with a lot of movement in it. Cabinet makers do not like working with it because it has little pockets of "gas" in it. Hit just right it "explodes" and sounds like a gun going off. lol The color deepens a bit with age.
    You found some amazing examples here. xo Diana

  7. After looking at these kitchens I want a new one. They are all gorgeous.

  8. Nice kitchens! Can't wait to start on mine.

  9. Love all the kitchens that share with us. We put in a new kitchen a couple of years ago. I was torn between white cabinets or wood cabinets...and I decided on the wood. I really love how it turned out.

  10. Beautiful kitchens!

  11. I love having wood in the kitchen... Don't tell anyone, but that's what I was hiding in the pictures in my last post ;) I realise reading that post (late) that even if I suscribed to your blog weeks ago, I don't get the updates by email; I don't know why...

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