I don't think I have ever shown our patio to you.
Well, I have a good reason.
It was made with old concrete blocks and it always 
looked dirty and just really yucky as you can see in this picture.
And I have always hated how the concrete goes right up to the foundation
of the house so we couldn't plant anything around it.

I am so happy to say that it is going bye, bye and
being replaced with some new pavers.
Hubby enlisted the help of our son.
Believe me, he wasn't smiling for long.

It's very hard work.
They are using flagstone that was already on our
property when we moved here along the edge of the patio.

This is how it looks so far.

A little ways to go yet.

The leaves are falling faster than hubby can get the pavers laid.
It will be so fun next spring to have a pretty patio ~ can't wait!

Thank you so much for stopping by ~ I truly appreciate all of your visits!
I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Lol! I just posted an update on our new patio! We will both be enjoying our new back yards next year:)

  2. Lookng good JoAnne...it will be already for next spring for guys to enjoy!

  3. JoAnne- That looks so nice! I bet you will be glad to have it all done and I bet your son will, too! lol I can't wait to see it all set up for you to enjoy in the Spring. xo Diana

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  4. That looks so much better. Colorful and almost vintage. Enjoy!!

  5. That is going to be so nice. You will like it a lot more. I bet your son was sore from all of that.

  6. Your new patio is going to look awesome!! You sure are going to enjoy it come Spring.

  7. Good for you and your men! It's going to be beautiful, I can see already! :)

    Jane xx

  8. Very exciting- and what a huge difference.

    Great home improvement - one you will be so glad to have done. Yay!!

  9. I love brick pavers...it's going to be beautiful!

  10. I love the brick! The guys are doing a great job!

  11. It is already looking so pretty and I know you will get so much enjoyment out of it.

  12. Wow, what a difference! This is going to be gorgeous!!

  13. That's going to look so nice! Your son is so cute. He reminds me of my oldest son at that age. :)

  14. Oh it's looking good already! You have a nice looking backyard with those mature hardwood trees. Yes, we have fallen leaves everywhere here too. This time of year is always messy outside.

  15. Your new patio is going to be great! Looks like your hubby and son have a lot of work ahead but it will be so worth it. : )

  16. Our DIY patio is one of the best improvements to our house that we have made in recent years. We love having the space for gatherings. Yours is going to look wonderful...can't wait to see how you decorate it!

  17. good for you! we laid a brick patio over the summer, in a herringbone pattern. enjoy yours!


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