November 2, 2014


I never would have imagined that I would like gray
as a color for kitchen cabinets.
But it turns out, it works beautifully in the kitchen.

It has become a popular color for cabinets in recent years.

Our Vintage Home Love

You can find some wonderful kitchens in blogland with
 gorgeous gray cabinets.

source unknown

I think something unexpected is how fresh gray cabinets
 can make a kitchen can look.

The Inspired Room

It's really a neutral color too.

Decor Pad

You could use just about anything for an accent color.

Gray looks good with rustic elements.

The Lettered Cottage

It's also great paired with bright white.

Our Lake Life

Not sure why, but it just works!

Don't you agree?

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  1. I love gray, I am currently debating on painting my island gray and my barstools off white.

  2. I am not a gray person in general, however, I love these gray kitchens. I am really kind of surprised how neutral and warm they are! I am definitely drawn to the lighter tones, but I love the contrast with white in all the pics!

  3. I do love gray, JoAnne. I started to use it as an alternative to white and I find that any sort of decor goes with it. I have a simple bathroom in super light gray, my bedroom which is a blueish gray feels so serene and I have touches of gray in my family room which is painted pale yellow, a lovely combo. Hubby and I were talking the other day about how I took a big risk and painted my lower kitchen cabinets at the lake in a gray with a greenish a turtle!! lol! The upper is open white shelving so it's the best of both worlds. People always comment on the colors.

    Are you thinking of painting? I love the kitchen from The Lettered Cottage. Gorgeous!

    Jane xx

  4. Yes- I do love the grey I see all over the place. I'm with you-I never thought I would like it. About 20 years ago I went to someone's house and she had just painted her kitchen cabinets a medium gray color and it just looked so "rich". She had a lot of antique pieces and that was the perfect backdrop for them.

    You found some beautiful examples, JoAnne. xo Diana

  5. I love it with rustic elements. It's a beautiful colour...just ask the Blog Boss. Deb

  6. I love gray, it's a fresh color option to use in neutral decor. I painted my master bed and bath Dolphin gray and I love it!

  7. I don't have a love affair with grey, but I must say that grey kitchen cabinets look really lovely. As you say they are like a warm neutral that can allow any accent colour and they look so crisp with white around them. I love your inspiration pictures and they show how many shades of grey exist and how versatile it is.

  8. Good Afternoon JoAnne, I never imagined I would like grey as a colour for the kitchen, but you have converted me, the colour really works.
    I love the photographs you have shared..... now I wonder if I can persuade my husband that grey will work.
    Best Wishes

  9. Seeing all the kitchens you featured left me wanting to redo house or move. Such gorgeous rooms, so many features I've drooled over. I'd love to have farm sink and kitchen we could eat in. I'm going to go back thru all the kitchens again and pin favorites for ideas.
    I've always been into the rich jewel colors but have found greys go with them also. We painted our l/r early summer in very light grey that has lightened up the room so much. L/r and kitchen both face east and back west. We have single wide mfg. home so have to keep colors that will blend nicely. I used darker grey and couple shaded of aqua with white in l/r and am painting walls in kitchen which is seen from l/r in the darker grey then will paint cabinets white. Went round and round on cabinets but decided white would be better otherwise will look like big dark boxes on wall.
    I've never been a grey color lover but when I found some grey/white damask design on curtains at TJMaxx on sale that was deciding factor as to color for l/r. So glad I did. I'm really tired of browns. Carpet in our l/r is horrible brown/white high low, home built in 1998. We'll be taking carpet up to put big area rug down. Have some great ones at Lowe's that are end of bolts for affordable prices. Have lino underneath but will paint it before putting area rug down.
    I have to give credit to so many blog posts I've read and learned from in last couple years. You gals out there are so with it and know just what to do to make your homes look great without spending a fortune, its' for sure we don't have fortune. We live on our SS, in Grand Junction, CO area that doesn't go as far as it did in KY. So with all this inspiration I'll go do some more housework, ugh. thanks for loads of inspiration.
    Happy week

  10. I love the color gray~~~I am using gray in the cottage, though my kitchen is white...the dining area, and keeping room outside the kitchen have's a beautiful color that goes with rustic or romantic your kitchen pics! Blessings~~~Roxie

  11. Love gray cabinets! I am considering Benjamin Moore's Dragon's Breath for the cabinets in my work area.
    Paula ~ Mise en scène

  12. Great inspiration, we actually have grayish/taupe kitchen cabinets and I've been trying to decide on a new wall color. The walls are the same grayish/taupe shade now. I really like the whites with grays!

  13. LOVE gray! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  14. I like grey cabinets. I have some in my own kitchen. I took the doors off of mine and display white dishes in them. Those are some great pics!

  15. I love the grey cabinets with the white. Thanks for sharing all these awesome kitchens.

  16. Gorgeous kitchens, I do love the gray cabinets. Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

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