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It seems like the room that I tweak the most is our family room.
  It has taken me a long time to get it to a point that I'm pretty happy with.
  So I put together a little tour and a little story to share with you.

 I took these pictures a few weeks ago before the leaves started to change.

It was on a day that no one else was home and I had time to "play house".
You know, the kind of day where you can tidy up and fluff up a room
and make it look all pretty.

And then pretend that this is how it looks all the time.

Because this is how you would love for it to look all of the time.

 All of the pillows are plumped up and right where they
are suppose to be.

There aren't any remotes all over or crumbs on the coffee table.

The throw is draped just so over the arm of the chair.

Everything in its place.

It's heavenly for a little while.

But then something happens.

It starts to feel lonely.

You miss those special people who throw the pillows on the floor
and leave their snacks on the coffee table.

It's just not the same without anyone to share it with.

Next thing you know, those people come home, and your pretty
room returns to its perfectly imperfect life.
And all is right in the kingdom.

- joining -


  1. Oh Joanne, how CUTE - I just love this post. And love your perfect room, even if it only lasted as short as putting this sweet post together : - )

  2. So cute! But so true! Life is more perfect when the people we love are home.

  3. This is such a pretty room, JoAnne. So warm and inviting. I can see why it's the the "family" room! I feel the same way you do. I clean my room in the morning. Then I get a little lonely until my hubby and daughter come home and then the rooms start to unravel. Oh well!

    Great post. BTW, I love your rug! Well, everything really.

    Jane xx

  4. My family recently went away for a few days and left me home alone, and boy it didn't take me long to feel exactly the same way! A full house is a home...and yours is lovely! :)

  5. What a pretty, pretty room, JoAnne. I love your rug and the pillows are very pretty. The whole thing is lovely! You are so right- when people are home there is no more perfect family room, is there? weren't lonely- you had a little fur buddy there to keep you company and he photo-bombed just to prove he was there. lol

  6. Love your room. Trust me you can get used to the quiet, as long as it doesn't last too long.

  7. Love your family is so pretty and cozy. The pillows never stay on my sofa for little Yorkie's think it is a fun game to push them off onto the floor.

  8. Exactly the kind of weekend I just had. I love it when they leave...for a little while. I play just like you talked about. Love it when they come home.

    Your home is just beautiful. I love how light, bright, and soft everything is.

  9. I had a bit of a lazy weekend, I love to "putz" around the house:) I know exactly what you are talking about, having your home all cleaned and straightened, I do wish it could stay like that all the time:) But I also agree that it would be pretty lonely sitting in that pretty, clean home all by yourself:) Your home is lovely JoAnne.

  10. Aahhh... I know how it is. I plump up the pillows... soon a pup runs off with one. My special people are all frown now. so they don't make messes anymore. But Master ago surely does.. a pillow and throw stealing pup. Toys all over the living room a few minutes after I tidy. But I'd have it no other way :)

  11. Your family room is beautiful, I love your pillow collection! Your kitty looks so pretty sitting in the corner of your last shot!

  12. Your family room is lovely.

    We are debating a new sofa. We love our slipcovered sofa, but our dog loves to jump on the white slipcovers and there is always sand blown in from the beach. We are thinking leather might be easier to care for. I liked seeing how you used pillows on the sofa because I love having lots of pillows.

  13. That's the way it goes doesn't it? I have big pillows on my two sofas and they get all messed up when everyone is home. If they would just sit on the floor! Ha!

  14. So picture perfect and serene, kitty makes it complete! Lori

  15. I agree...a perfect room is a lonely room...when friends and family visit and they make their selves at home with a few pillows toss and shoes at the front door. Then the room is perfect. Love this post. Lovely home.

  16. What a cute post! Love all the 'perfect' pics, too! :)

  17. I know just how you feel! We just brought our grandchildren home after a week with us. I've spent 2 days getting the house back in order and now I wish I had a few small visitors again!

    Your room is so bright with your big window and cozy at the same time! At least you can look at the "perfect" pictures on your blog any time you feel the need.
    Visiting from CLH.

  18. Your home is so wonderful, so comfortable looking, welcoming, pretty. Your kitty looks like one we had when I was a kid (long time ago). Isn't it magic how all of sudden the trees turn colors when they were just full and green? Seems to happen over night. What a gorgeous view out that big window/door.
    Been reading all your comments for this post. I love to read the comments, get to know person who writes the blog more that way. When we moved to MT (1992) away from all our kids it was pretty hard for while, getting used to idea they wouldn't come banging in the door and plopping down. When they'd (4 kids and their significant others) come for holidays I loved them laying around telling stories about when they were kids.
    Was just me most of time after we got into our mobil home in MT as hubs was on the road for weeks at a time. I had to find out who I was and if I could handle this lonely stuff. I was out there on 20 acres with closest neighbor about 1/2 mile away at least, there were only four houses out on our private road. Pretty lonesome. Especially when we'd get the crash/bang wild summer storms. Boy was I scared. We moved out there after 21 yrs in San Diego areas. Talk about different.
    I was looking at your pretty plates, etc. on walls. Love that kind of thing, get ideas how to do my goodies on walls. The color of your walls is so soft and pretty. I love your family room, your furniture looks so cozy and comfy. Hope you enjoyed the peace for while. I only have my hubs to mess things up now along with black lab/border collie and orange striped cat. Have to vacuum bare floors every other day at least for all the hair said dog leaves behind for me. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Our furry kidz are our loves now that kids (4) all grown up, families of their own. Two of them live close by but we only see our youngest daughter/family as youngest son/family live in Grand Junction, son is working in Singapore more than he's home. Then he's always doing something at home or going to desert to ride. Not too much time for him. His kids are grown up also. Darn kids are making us old, lol. Oldest two still live in San Diego area. That's why our furry kidz are so much a part of hubs/my lives.
    I used to laugh about older people that made such sillies of themselves over their pets, well guess what?, now we do too. When I say older, we're 74 and 73. We don't live in MT anymore, we moved to KY for 5 yrs.after living in MT for 7 yrs and we've been here in Grand Junction area for 10 yrs, I still miss MT. We live out on 1/2 acre about 18 miles west of G.J. out in country. I'm not a city person after living in country in MT, KY and now here. We have houses around us but not close. Like it that way.
    Sorry for this being so long. I get hungry for another woman to talk to. Have a great week JoAnne

  19. Your family room looks beautiful and very serene. I love how you used soft colours to bring that peaceful atmosphere... A room where it's nice to crush the pillow and have a cofffe break, leaving crumbs on the table!

  20. This is why I rarely share room pictures -- it's hard to keepp neat, but I wouldn't have it any other way! I love your room --very cozy. :)

  21. such pleasing colors

  22. Oh my! Your living room is gorgeous! I love the quaint and classy style in your decor, which says a lot about your great taste and aesthetic. My favorite decor piece would have to be that twig wreath. Thank you so much for sharing that tour with us! Wishing you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!

    Bob Ward @ Allure


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