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Patio Reveal

Today I would like to show you the transformation of our patio.  With a lot of work, it has come a long way since we moved here ten years ago. 

In the picture below you can see how it looked after we had replaced the ugly brown shingle siding on the house and added the patio doors. There was actually no direct access to the patio before this. The concrete blocks that made up the patio always looked dirty and they were uneven in many places.  They also went right up to the house so there was no space to plant anything between the patio and house.  

Do you see our kitty waiting to get back in the house?  I don't blame him for not wanting to spend too much time our there.  We didn't want to either! 
A few years ago, my son and hubby tore out the old concrete blocks and laid new pavers.  Such a huge improvement!

With some landscaping and pretty flowers, it has become a space we can really enjoy.  

It's been especially nice this summer. We have had a lot of really nice days fo…


This is how our backyard looked this morning.

I can't say I was ready for snow but it did look very pretty.

The kids got the day off from school.
Can't say I was ready for that either.

The branches above were so weighed down with snow
that they were hanging right outside our family room window.

It looks like we may be in for another long winter!

Stay warm,


  1. Love it, we are getting blasted right now. It's coming down at a rate of 1 inch per hour.

  2. Snow on the ground here too! Happy cold weather!

  3. Our yard looked like that too. It really is beautiful . Mkes you wonder how this winter will be
    Stay warm.


  5. My goodness, JoAnne.- That looks like a winter wonderland. It is just gorgeous! xo Diana

  6. Very pretty, Joanne. I ♥ winter, so I don't mind it one bit.

    I just feel badly for my nieces and nephew, who already had the day off from school due to a delayed Veterans' Day.......they were bummed.

  7. I wasn't ready for the snow here either, but you are was very pretty!!

  8. Unbelievably pretty! We don't get snow much down here but when we do it's usually a dusting. So I am taken aback by just how beautiful your back yard is with the snow!

  9. The snow is so pretty. We do not get snow here, but as Janet said when we do it is a dusting and gone by noon.

  10. It is so pretty. Winter is coming so early here. I can wait for the snow though.

  11. The pictures are very pretty, though I guess all the snow does not make your life easy!

  12. I am so jealous, no snow here for us, just up in high country. (we live about 18 miles west of Grand Junction, CO, not too far to UT border. This year has been quite mild. Today it was about 45 but we were out in shirt sleeves, dry here. Back of our house faces due West so it's really hot in summer. I love winter and snow, easier than mud on dogs paws. What area are you in JoAnne? That looks so pretty.
    When we moved from San Diego to MT I'd sit and watch the snow fall, loved it. We had big windows around whole perimeter of living room.Got pretty cold there, 25 below during day first winter but its so dry there also it's not as cold as KY or east coast I guess. We lived in KY for 5 yrs after MT. I'd go back to MT in a heart beat, loved it there so much. Where we are is ok but just not MT except our youngest daughter/family lives about 6 miles east of us.
    Enjoy that snow, so gorgeous. Happy season

  13. It's beautiful but yes, too early. I think we're in the same weather pattern as last year.

  14. We've received our first round of snow for the season too... looks like you have a lot more than us. Although it seems so early, I can't help but be excited. The first snow is always so fun.

  15. JoAnne,
    Your pictures look beautiful. You could have some beautiful Christmas cards out of those shots. I agree I think we are in for a long winter. The first snow is always the prettiest.

  16. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing your winter wonderland!

  17. When we southerners see all that snow we say "oh how beautiful- I wish I had that", but I'm guessing it may be a bit of a headache after the novelty wears off. But it really is oh so beautiful! What wonderful pictures!


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