February 12, 2015


Do you ever get it stuck in your head that you want something
new and then you search and search for the perfect thing
but just can't find it.

I have been looking for a new lamp for our family room and I haven't
been able to find one that is the right style, the right height, the right price, etc.

This is the lamp that I wanted to replace.

So then I decided to try out a couple different lamps that were in my stash.
I brought out this candlestick lamp that I've had for a million years and used the
lamp shade from the lamp that had been there.  Not bad.

There was a brass ring around the top of the base which I wasn't crazy about
so I thought I would hide it with a ribbon.  
I think the ribbon added a little more cottage style to the lamp as well.

Sometimes just using what you have is the best solution of all.

I also changed the other accessories on the table for a fresh look.

The picture is of my husband as a little boy ~ isn't he adorable?

Here are a few of the lamps that I found in my search.
Do you like any of these?

A new lamp may be in my future yet but for now, 
I'm happy and so is my bank account!!

Thanks A Bunch For Visiting!
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  1. I like the middle one, milk glass one. I never spend $151 for a lamp, too much, and I like to change things out a lot and that would be too expensive to change. I also love milk glass an it's shape is really unique! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. The Lamps Plus one is so very interesting as I have one exactly like it (minus two of the "balls") on a desk in my house. The base is the same. It was my grandmother's. I guess things do come back to style.

  3. Joanne, that lamp looks awesome there. I am so glad you "shopped your house" and found it.

  4. I shop my house all the time. It's the most cost effective way to get a new look. I do agree with you though sometimes you just want something different. I really like the lamps plus lamp but the one from way fair is my personal favorite. Good luck with your search. Your home always looks beautiful.

  5. The last lamp is my favorite. I love the changes you made. Your vignette is very pretty! Putting the ribbon around the lamp was an awesome idea.

  6. I like the one you had in your stash. And yes I get things in my head that don't seem to exist all the time. If picking a replacement lamp I like the middle one, it has a cute vintage look.

  7. I really like the one from your stash! Save your money, I think it's perfect! I see visions all the time, I swear they only exist in my head!

  8. My favorite one is the one you had that you tied the ribbon to it...very pretty!!

  9. I like the one in your stash....the ribbon makes it look more cottage style...very pretty!!

  10. I love the Wayfair lamp but not sure it would be appropriate for your other accessories. Think the "free" stash lamp is best with ribbon. Many times that's all I have to do is go scrounging out in shed/ suburban (we use sub for storage since it's not running and mice don't get into it.) We live out in country so mice are a part of that. We get mice in house in winter quite often, little rascals. I like to put things in sub so when I want them can find them, when things get in shed they tend to disappear. When I'm on a new thing quest want to be able to find boxes without having to kill my back moving tons of boxes. You don't want to see what our shed is like, eeeekkk. lol, no kidding. Love your table vignette isn't it fun to change things up occasionally? I'd go nuts if I couldn't.
    This week I made new curtains for kitchen and master bath windows with vintage tablecloths. I needed some kind of change to brighten up without having to spend any money or go to store for it. Both sets turned out great, love how they look and I'm happy for free. Tablecloths have been stored and hauled all over country, we don't have eating area or table/chairs so decided those cloths needed to be used. I have made pillow covers and table runners with them. Know they'll last as they have for many years.
    I love the vintage look and bright happy colors. Was just thinking would be cute to attach part of cloth to a window shade of some kind. Have seen that done. Well there's my next project.
    Happy weekend

    If you care to reply please do so to: FurryKidzPaperworx@gmail.com Thanks

  11. Well, my first choice is what you went with. I noticed the ribbon right away and thought it was sweet. I like the first of the three your showed. I am looking for a new lamp for our living room, but I have no idea what I want.

  12. I love what you did with the lamp you had. I do that a lot...switch bases and shades. Some tables need a tall lamp, some shorter. The ribbon is genius!

    My fave is the first one...but my taste changes all the time. I have a variety everywhere and they make me look like I have 27 personalities! By the way, the whole table looks beautiful! :)

    Jane xx

  13. I have a thing for lamps... I really think the one you added has a lot of Cottage charm!

  14. I love your new "free" lamp! It's perfect for your table and looks great with all the accessories.

  15. It looks just beautiful! Very soft and pretty!

  16. Hi Joanne and what a pretty vignette. I like both lamps but the one you the one you chose looks beautiful here. I adore that stick wreath (probably not what it's called :) Thanks for popping in to see me and Happy Valentine's Day.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. I like all of them....but I lean to the first and middle one! The middle one is very unique~~~It's always FUN to change something up we have in our "stash" and it looks pretty good!! I think the one you have looks fabulous~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

  18. I think the lamp you chose from your stash is perfect and I agree... I always try to use what I have first :)

  19. The lamp from your stash is nice there! I think it's a good choice. If I were going to buy one of the 'new' lamps you shared it would be the first one from Home Decorators. It reminds me a lot of the one you already had. I've been thinking of replacing lamps but we are in an 'in-between' stage with several things so I'm holding on to what I have. I do like my lamps, so that's a good thing!