I have always loved the look of floors with a checkered pattern.
Here are some pictures showing some that I think look really great.

I'm not sure if this is a front or back entry (due to the dog food bowls) but
 either way it's very inviting.

Here's a large scale version that showcases the hardwood floors as
 well as the checkered pattern.

You know I love this blue and white floor.

I like how the flooring in this entry/hallway area separates it
 from the rest of the room.

Classis black and white.

So pretty.

A checkered pattern can be achieved with paint or stain - beautiful
 tone on tone pattern on this hardwood floor.

This kitchen has an unexpected color combination on the floor ~
so cheerful ~ wouldn't it just make you smile?  

Gray and white ~ what's not to love in this Scandinavian style space? 

Here is another gray and white floor but this one is very subtle.
Doesn't it look beautiful with the marble countertops?

Whether big scale or small, formal or casual, a floor with a checkered pattern
can be really beautiful and add that something special to a room.

Have you ever had a checkered floor or would you like to?

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  1. I adore checkered floors also. So wish I had a nerve to try it in my kitchen!

  2. Love checked floor JoAnne. They just give such fun character to a room. The inspiration here is fabulous.

  3. These pics make me realize how much I prefer the diagonal arrangement. The second photo the floor is stunning!

  4. I also love this checkered floors, gorgeous !!! thanks for the pictures and a nice evening angie wishes from Germany

  5. makes me wish I'd tried painting my floors before we covered them with distressed wood.

  6. I love the blue and white the best.

  7. I love the blue & white floor but what really stood out is the turquoise stove in photo #6!! : )

  8. They are all so charming. I love the last three, a bit more neutral. I would love to have painted wood floors in my kitchen. I'd have to get wood first though - they're vinyl now - yuck!

  9. I love checkered floors too, but all our floors are wood, and Mr. C would never let me paint them. They have such a charming look to them, and I absolutely love the blue and white one. I think it's the first time I've seen one in blue?

  10. That was the first thing I wanted for my kitchen, JoAnn. I had to have them and it didn't matter how hard they were to find. Beautiful pictures :)

  11. JoAnn, you are so right, they are so very beautiful, elegant and somehow time washed! I always dreamt about one in my bathroom! So I realy love your post!!!
    Happy spring to you and all my best from Austria

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