February 20, 2015


I love to layer comfy blankets and throws in the family room
when the weather is so cold.
As I'm writing this, it's negative 7 degrees outside - yikes!
There was no school yesterday or today so we are 
staying in as much as possible.

It feels so good to just curl up in the family room
with pillows and cozy throws to keep us warm.

we even have a fluffy ball of fur on the back of the sofa : )

The other day I randomly set my little white chair in 
the family room when I was mopping the kitchen floor.
I liked how it looked in this room so I found a place for it
 in this corner ~ I think it looks cute.

 I actually have a mantel for the fireplace but it needs to be painted.
  We're going to remove the two little shelves that are so dated.
I really should get busy doing that because I know it will look so much better.
Plus I will have another spot to accessorize!!

A fire would be wonderful right now but that might mean
going outside to get more wood from the pile.

hmmm ~ i'll have to think about that one

If you live where it's cold, I hope you're staying warm
and staying inside as much as possible.
Have a good (and hopefully warmer) weekend!

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  1. Pretty pretty pretty! It's almost spring here...today anyway. :)

  2. I just love this room! It so peaceful and cozy looking! When we purchased our home, a fireplace was a "must," and I'm so glad we were able to find one in the main living room in our home. Pinning this to my "Home Decor Inspiration" Pinterest board. I love your style!

  3. So pretty, JoAnne. It's even cold today in Florida but expecting 80 degrees on Sunday,

  4. Your living room is bright and cosy. I can't wait to see the mantle, I'm sure it'll make the room even more beautiful.

  5. Very peaceful and so cozy. Stay warm and have a wonderful week end

  6. Your room is so cozy. The department stores are full of spring/summer clothing already. Crazy. It's hard to shop for summer clothes when it's 10 degrees outside.

  7. I love your home JoAnne, and like you I have toasty throws strung all over the great room ready to grab when needed. And we need them, it's cccold here too and more snow on the way this weekend. Our throws will come in handy!

  8. I just love your family room! It looks very cozy on a cold winter day. Better get a fire going in the fireplace .... looks like a lot of snow is coming our way!

  9. Your family room is so pretty!!

  10. Please post the process of removing the shelves & adding the mantle. You & I have pretty much the same fireplace & shelves. I love your room!

  11. Your room looks so cozy. We are having snow and ice today, so that means staying in the house and drinking hot cocoa and watching old movies.

  12. It's so cold here too! Your family room does look warm and inviting, and I adore your wall color. Such a pretty shade of blue. Have a good weekend!

  13. Yes, J - it is so so cold, and it's been snowing- as you know since you live a half hour from me- been snowing for 12 straight hours or more with no signs of stopping.

    It's a good day to sip tea and read blogs or a book and stay safe and warm indoors.

    Keep warm.

  14. I think the chair is perfect in there and your room looks really cozy :)


  15. Like you it is very cold here, frigid really. But like you also, it's nice to stay in and wrap ourselves in a cozy throw. It's prefect weather to eat comfort food and let your mind wander. You room is very charming and love the chair in the corner...cant wait to see the new mantel, and yes it's always great to have have more space to decorate!

  16. Such a beautiful and cozy room. I absolutely love the color of the walls and the white fireplace. The chair looks adorable in the corner, too. Have a happy Sunday!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  17. Your room is so cozy I can envision taking a nap while snuggled under a warm blanket! Or sitting and having a good chat with you!! I love to have blankets and throws and pillows in my living room during the cold months. I don't have a little furry kitty to make herself at home anymore but my small pooch always thinks the blankets and throws are for his enjoyment. I bought one just for him at Christmas and it stays on the sofa now for his nap times. I can't wait to see your mantel when you get it done. I know you will enjoy decorating it. We redid our fireplace and mantel several years ago and it's the star of the room now.