May 7, 2015


Recently, a blogger wrote a very honest and heartfelt post about
 how Mother's Day is not a happy day for her.
Painful feelings are dredged up every year due to the fact
that she doesn't have children even though she wanted them very much.
Her post brought back many memories for me.

You see, I struggled with infertility for many years.
Many, many tears were shed.
Many times wondering "why me" and why am I not worthy of being a
mother when everyone around me is getting pregnant at the drop of a hat.
It was devastating.
Now I can see that it has nothing to do with being worthy and everything
to do with the fact that sometimes our bodies just don't work the
way they are suppose to and it's not fair.

I'm writing this primarily to say that if you know someone
who is struggling, please be sensitive to them on this day.
Sometimes it can feel like it's all being thrown in your face,
like someone is screaming "you're not a Mom"!
No one wants to be pitied or have a big deal made out of the fact 
that they are childless.
 Just some gentle understanding, maybe an extra little hug or whisper
 in her ear some encouraging words.
That's all that is needed.

I also want to say to every woman who has the desire to be a mom and 
has a nurturing and loving soul - that I believe you
are a Mom in your heart.
I know it's not the same and I don't mean to trivialize it,
but whether you share that part of yourself by volunteering with children,
being a dedicated daughter or aunt, or a Mom to a sweet puppy -
you are sharing yourself and your heart so you deserve a special day too.

I wish you peace and love this Mother's Day!  

♡ ♡ ♡  JoAnne


  1. Thoughtfully and well said and I understand so well what you're saying. And I have a sister without children and she is one of the most nurturing people I know.

  2. Very kind post, well written and for me like many others it is bittersweet because of loss.

  3. Very well said. And noted.

  4. Very gently and thoughtfully stated, JoAnn. Big hugs to you. And that puppy picture you found made me squeal in delight! I mean do they get cuter than that???? Fur babies and the best babies in my opinion! : - )

  5. This is such a thoughtful post, JoAnne, and a subject I'm sure that many don't even think of. We take motherhood for granted, but I thank God everyday for my children and grandchildren. God Bless you my dear:)

  6. So beautifully said JoAnne. I think we are all mother's in our hearts and even if it is not for children a lot of mom's have furry children or give to other's children and are a big part of their lives. So you deserve a special day too. Happy Mom's Day to you this week end. Love the puppy picture. Tooooo cute.

  7. Beautifully written JoAnne! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  8. JoAnne, I think so many people can relate to your beautifully expressed post, myself included. Thank you for sharing.

  9. What a beautiful and honest post. Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. A beautiful post, it can also be a painful day when you lost a child, it reminds me of that lose oh so painfully. Others are happy and I and others feel sad that our child is gone. Lovely post!

  11. Beautiful post and how true. Happy Mothers Day. I just popped over from Kris's.

  12. A beautiful post! You can't imagine how awkward it feels when people are asking me how old are my children as it was obvious I had any, given my age!

  13. Beautiful words! I, too, struggled for a time because of wanting children. And there are some mothers who find Mother's Day difficult because they are estranged from their children or their children are not living. Thank you for the sensitivity to share this so we remember that it's not always a happy day for everyone. This year I am most blessed to have my ninety-two-year-old mother, my two children and eight (soon to be nine) grandchildren. God has blessed me. I don't take that for granted.

  14. Your heartfelt post touched my heart, and you are so right - so many women struggle with Mother's Day because of various reasons, and we need to be reminded to be so careful to let those women know how much they are appreciated. I wrote a post this week about the women in my life who were like mothers to me, and how much I appreciated them. I know many women who weren't able to have children, but loved others like their own. Mothering is not a gift limited solely to one's own children :) Wonderful post, and glad to have met you!