If you happened to read my post at Junk Chic Cottage a couple weeks ago,
you will know that my family and I are taking a trip to Europe this summer.
Years ago, we started talking about taking this trip and we knew
that we should do it before our oldest was out of high school.
Unbelievably, he will be a senior in the fall, so now is the time
 if we want to go as a family.

I thought you might like to see where we are staying while there.
We spent a lot of time finding places that would be in a good location, would
work well for our family, and in our price range.
Today I will show you the first two stops on our itinerary.

London is our first destination.


After much searching online, we discovered a site called At Home In London
 where we found a wonderful B&B that I think will be perfect for us.
The picture below shows the exterior of the home.


We will be staying in two bedrooms that are joined by a bathroom.
In the mornings, we will be served a lovely breakfast in their dining room
that overlooks a garden.
When I tried to post pictures of the interior, they were showing up very blurry but
you can go HERE if you would like to see a few pictures of the inside.

Then on to Paris!


There, we will be staying in an apartment that we found
 on the website airbnb.

We're staying in the one you see straight ahead through the arch.

Love the blue and white tile in the small kitchen.

The room below is on a lower level and will be great for the kids.
I'm sure by that time, we'll all need a little space to recharge.

We will also be traveling to Munich, Florence and Rome.
I'll share with you our lodging in those cities in another post.
Now I'm off to fret and ponder some more about
what we should pack, what shoes to take, etc.
I would love to hear any suggestions you have.

As always, thanks so much for visiting!

Cheerio and Au revoir,


  1. How exciting, JoAnne! These look wonderful, and I look forward to your reviews afterward.

  2. JoAnne,
    Both England and Paris choices look charming. Staying in a Parisian apartment will give you a better sense of living like a Parisian. Clothes since I only wear Black it's easy for me. Pack light- take cloths that can be worn together to make different style outfits. Bring a pretty silk scarf for Paris ... Oh JoAnne your trip will be something you will always treasure.

  3. Oh JoAnne I am so excited for you and your family to embark on this wonderful trip. I think if I ever go to England and Paris I am going to have you be my travel guide. You have found the most beautiful lodging to stay with your family. I know you will love both places and the culture and history. Enjoy.

  4. I am SO EXCITED for you, JoAnne! Those spots look awesome - good for you and all your diligent finding of these wonderful places to stay on this dreamy vacay! WHOO HOO!!!!

  5. What a wonderful trip you have planned. Enjoy every minute.

  6. Isn't it amazing today that you can see exactly where you are staying, inside and out? It makes the trip so much more exciting. Wow, you picked some pretty places!

  7. It's going to be an amazing trip!

  8. My husband and I took a trip to Germany in December and spent four days and three nights in Paris. I can't wait to hear your thoughts! It is an amazing experience for sure!

  9. I've been to London before and was in complete culture shock because it was so different from where I live. We had a good time though. Our hotel room was so small. The B&B that you're staying in looks so nice! I've never been to Paris though. Your trip sounds like it will be so much fun. I would recommend taking an A/C adapter since their electrical outlets don't fit our electric cords. And most important of all...........good walking shoes! Those cities are made for walking!

  10. How exciting! It is our hope someday too to travel to Europe, and I look forward to traveling along with you through your blog as you take this adventurous journey! The places you have found to stay are delightful! How excited you must be :)

  11. What a wonderful trip! I can't wait to see more and hear all about it. Bon voyage, my friend!

  12. Hi JoAnne :)

    I've never been overseas, so I don't really have any suggestions, but it sounds like a great time will be had by all. The places you're staying are beautiful :)



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