My Visit to Cath Kidston in London

I had a little time to myself one afternoon while we were in London
so I decided to try to find a Cath Kidston store.
I just love her designs.  
They are so pretty and cheerful so visiting one of the stores was
 on my list of things to do in London.
As I was walking down the busy street, I suddenly
spotted the Cath Kidston sign and I couldn't wait to see the store.

This is the location at 180 Piccadilly.
It is the flagship store that opened in 2013.

This store has 7,000 square feet which is 4 times larger than the average Cath Kidston.

I felt a bit uncomfortable to take any pictures inside but it was all so cute.
  The summer displays were just adorable. 
 I spent over an hour just leisurely walking around and taking it all in.

Here are a few photos inside the store that I found online.

It was a huge event when this store had its grand opening in 2013.
People waited in line in the cold for the store to open.

Tea and croissants were served to those waiting.

And Cath Kidston herself attended.
Doesn't she look as sweet as her designs?

There were even taxis covered with Cath Kidston prints to advertise the opening.

It would have been fun to be there that day but I really enjoyed
 the afternoon I spent there ~ and I'm pretty sure it was much less crowded!

Are you a Cath Kidston fan?

I hope you are all having a great weekend ~ we finally have a sunny day ~ so wonderful!

As always, thanks so much for visiting ~

- joining -


  1. Hi Jo- oh what a special thing to have been able to do while you were in London!

    I love Cath K stuff - I don't design with it but I admire it so so much! She's AWESOME (and had no idea so was so young and cute too!)

    I sure love hearing about travels. I can't wait till my broken foot heals up and the wedding is over so I can get back to dreaming about going places again, it's been a LONG time.

  2. So pretty! I would be lost in there for hours poking around!

  3. Popping by to say g'day via the Sundays at Home link up. I love Cath Kidston as well and would go crazy in that store! We went to a store on the King's Rd when we went to London but it was nowhere near as amazing at the one you went to! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

    Best wishes for a happy weekend,
    Natasha in Oz

  4. I love her things!! Those prints are all so sweet and beautiful, how could you not love them? I bet you had a great time in there. Did you buy anything?

  5. How lucky you are--this would be something I would love to do!

    Jane x!

  6. Lucky you Joanne. I love Cath Kidston designs and what a great place to see them.
    Happy Sunday.

  7. Hello Joanne, I am a fan of Cath Kidston designs. Thank you for sharing your happy memory making. Hugs!

  8. Fun post! This reminds me of the popularity of the Laura Ashley years. Her stores were full of shoppers when I visited in London. Thanks for sharing.

  9. What a fun post and lovely store !

  10. What a fun excursion! I'm so glad you found the store and could spend time there.

  11. Oh what a treat! I like Cath Kidston too. She has such a youthful look and fun colors. that looked like a fun day to tour that store.

  12. It was nice spending some time "shopping" with you!

  13. How much fun to go to her store! Her stuff is so cute, it would be hard to choose just one thing. I guess a suitcase kind of limits what you can bring home!

  14. It was amazing h ow she seemed to take over where Laura Ashley left off, then I read that she actually worked for the Laura Ashley firm, and when their influence faded, she decided to have a go... and look where that got her** Her designs are cute, but a definite style to them.. glad you enjoyed your visit over here.. when are you coming back>?


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