Paris, France

After spending four days in London, we took The Chunnel to Paris.
Here are some of the highlights.

Of course we had to see the Eiffel Tower.

The people walking below it look like little specks.

Views of the Seine

The place we stayed was across the street from the Seine.
A short walk and across a bridge and we were at Notre Dame.

We were also within walking distance of The Louvre.
Here you can see the kids and me in front of the pyramid.

The Louvre is not a place for anyone who gets embarrassed easily  : )

Venus de Milo

Here "She" is.

Some rather large paintings can be found there.

This is Leonardo da Vinci's Virgin Of The Rocks.
One of the paintings discussed in The DaVinci Code.

Monet's painting "La Pie"
Named for the black magpie sitting on the fence.

Many beautiful buildings with pretty shutters and flowers.

The Arc de Triomphe

Lots of (expensive) shopping along the Champs Elysees.

Paris at night ~ beautiful!

Thanks so much for joining me on a little tour of Paris.
I hope you enjoyed it .
Have a wonderful Sunday!

~ JoAnne

- joining -


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed Paris through your lens, JoAnne!

  2. Oh to stroll down memory lane - I went to France with my father (I have said before,) but seeing your pictures made me burst into tears missing him. Your shots are fantastic, Jo!!!!!

  3. Wow, what a beautiful pictures of this amazing place! Loved the pictures of Paris at night... so incredible! Enjoying the tour through the eyes of your camera! :)

  4. Sooo beautiful JoAnne. What a dream trip. Thank you for taking us along with you.

  5. Great pictures JoAnne! Love the photos of Paris at night - beautiful!

  6. Loved seeing your pictures as this year I'll not take my usual trip to Paris.

  7. JoAnne, your pictures of Paris are beautiful! Hope to go there someday. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Absolutely beautiful! Looks like a lovely trip.

  9. I loved your trip recap! I was just there this Spring but wish I were there now!

  10. What a wonderful vacation. I am trying to talk Steve into doing a house swap so we can visit Paris together. I have only been once, but I want to spend more time.

  11. Your photos are absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for sharing them with us. It looks like you're having such a wonderful time and visiting all of the perfect places in Paris. I have to say I'm insanely jealous! : ) xo

    ~ Wendy

  12. You reminded me how much I love Paris. You hit all the top spots. Thanks for the tour. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  13. beautiful! brings back wonderful memories from our trip there last april. i hope your kids realize how lucky they are to have travelled there. we went to the shore as kids, lol.

  14. What a wonderful experience! I'm so glad you were able to spend time in Paris - a dream of mine. Your photos are gorgeous. I'm ready to take off and head that way right now!


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