Little Things I Love Around the House

Sometimes I forget to look around and appreciate what I have.
It's often the little things that I enjoy the most like a simple
basket of white mums.

Or a mason jar covered in chalk paint with some 
country flowers from the dollar store.

And of course anything in my favorite shades of blue.

I piled a couple quilts on top of a cupboard so I could see
them everyday.

And I'm loving some little touches of rosy pink here and there.

I'm always trying to cut down on the amount of "stuff" I have.
I feel like I either need to use it or get rid of it.
The cloth draped over my pink stool is actually a valance from
the Rachel Ashley line at Target that I picked up a long time ago.
I have never been able to use it as a valance so I thought 
I would try it here.

I did a little more tweaking to my entryway bench
with my recent Homegoods finds and a few
other things in my stash.

Even something as simple as a pickle jar with some
wooden spools in it make me happy.

Once I find an arrangement that I really like, I tend to
keep it that way for a while like this mantel vignette.

Above all, I want to remember to appreciate my family every single day.
My daughter is in eighth grade this year and my son just started 
his senior year - I have no idea how that happened.
This year is going to go by way too fast.
I hope he doesn't catch me just staring at him too many times!  : )

Thanks so much for stopping by and let's remember to
really see the things that make every day special!


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  1. Everything is always just right at your house, JoAnne. I love your Portwenn sign!! Do you watch Doc Martin on PBS?

  2. I totally agree! It's the little things in my home that make my heart smile. I like the same things you do! Have a great week! Diane

  3. Your home is so warm and inviting, so many charming touches. I have a senior this year, too. How did it go so fast?

  4. Yup it's always the little touches that catch your eye as you walk by and make your heart sing and feel happy at home. You feather your nest with pretty touches.

  5. It's the small things that most people overlook in these busy lives of ours! Fill your homes with things you love and take time and remind yourselves of all your blessings, big & small. The valance looks perfect there on your cute pink stool:)

  6. It is the little things in life that really make us all smile. I am looking over at my 13 year old basset hound as she sleeps while I am on the computer. Just makes me smile to see her so content and happy and taking a nice nap in the sun coming in the window. Love all your sweet touches. Have a great rest of the week and wonderful holiday week end.

  7. It's the little things that me smile too! Beautiful photos!

  8. I love my home overall, but it is the little touches that make me smile.

    And, I smiled at each of your little touches.

  9. I love all the little touches in your home JoAnne! This year will go by so fast for you. I still can't believe Taylor graduated a year ago and just started her sophomore year in college! Her senior year in high school was like a blur. Enjoy all the little moments. : )

  10. Joanne love all your little details! Just beautiful. I almost bought that little milk can at HomeGoods a few week back.

  11. I, too, have to stop and remember to enjoy my home and the simple things I love about it. Today I'm reacquainting myself with my home after being away most of the week. Spending time with my sweetheart in a small trailer by the sea is wonderful and when I get home my small cottage seems big! Your touches of beauty are wonderful. I love to stop by and be inspired!

  12. I loved all your little vignettes and above all the touches of blue that make your house so serene.

  13. you have so many wonderful little vignettes. love the soft blues, and that pedestal pic with the teacups just grabbed me. I'll be featuring your post on Share Your Style this week. thanks so much for joining in!

  14. Your home is lovely - your touches are so sweet and "you!"

    Your children are beautiful, and they grow up much too quickly to be sure. Hugs.


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