Our New Goodwill Store

Over the summer, I was watching as a brand new Goodwill Store 
was being constructed right next to the Meijer store that I go to often.
So when it opened recently, my daughter and I just had to stop in.
I mean, how could we resist, right?

We saw this nice display as we walked in and then
we saw a sign saying that everything was 50% off that day only!

Look at all the great things I found for about $11 all together.

I thought this little crock was really cute.

And look at this pretty covered dish ~ perfect for Fall decorating.

So many goodies.
It's good that my daughter was with me or I probably would
have bought more ~ I'm suppose to be getting rid of things, not buying more!
She didn't want to browse quite as long as I did.  : )

Oh, I also got this cute wooden rooster and I'm giving him a makeover.
You'll see more of him later.

I thought this outfit displayed at the front of the store was really cute too.
But sadly, I am not a size 2.

I have a feeling I may be going in there again.
I mean, being so convenient and all.

On another note, yesterday I saw these two deer in our yard.
I had not seen any in our yard in a long time so it was a nice
surprise ~ I always love seeing them.
That little one up front had his ears on "full alert" when he spotted me!

Have you spotted any special treasures lately?

❀ ❀ ❀  JoAnne



  1. WOW what awesome treasures!

    Jo- that casserole serving dish matches a big platter I found at a Powell antique store a while back! (You can see a glimpse of a corner of it in my last post.) Well done - I cannot even believe this GW - may have to go thrifting with you one of these days soon! But I am trying to get RID of too - not bring in more so I have been diligently staying away from temptations! But it isn't easy! ♥

  2. What fun finds at Goodwill. We have one right next to our Vons grocery store, but I rarely stop in.

    Spotting local treasures? No deer for us, but we love when we see a harbor seal on our kayaking days. We are praying that we don't see a shark which is becoming common in our warm water!

  3. The deer are beautiful! I just love to see animals outside and to know that they still have some habitat left.

    You have a snazzy Goodwill! Something tells me your car might go there often. :)

  4. How sweet are those deer. Love the look on their faces. Wow that is a nice Goodwill you have. You got some great things and 50% off makes them even cuter!! Have a great evening.

  5. It's so great to have a Goodwill nearby---they are so generous in the way they give back. We don't have one nearby so I drop things off at our church.

    The deer are precious-I would be out of my mind to see them this close!!! :)

    Jane x

  6. You found some great deals at Goodwill! I really love the covered dish!

    The deer are just beautiful! I would love to live near some woods and see all the critters and nature. I've never seen one that close.

    Happy Fall!

  7. Those deers are so cute! I sometimes see some here when I have a walk in the countryside, but they never come so close to my home!

  8. We have a Goodwill Store nearby and I've found lots of great things there. Looking forward to seeing how your deer comes out!! : ) Have a wonderful weekend!!

    ~ Wendy

  9. I love Goodwill and travel 15 miles to get to one....cause I can't help myself! You found some great items and it is so inexpensive. Now I'm at the point I can't bring one more thing in this house without giving some up. You'll find yourself going to GW often, because it's close by!

  10. Wow! you have a nice goodwill store! mine doesn't look that nice. I rarely go in there. You found some nice things too! One item alone would've cost what you spent for all of that.

  11. Hi there
    I would love to have a goodwill so close to me, actually that might be a bad thing, I love walking around goodwill. Love the goodies you found there and those deer are adorable.

  12. How great to have a GW so close! You got some great deals! And love the deer pic-so sweet :)

  13. Your GW finds are wonderful, JoAnne. I love all of them. I had a good week treasure hunting in our local Soroptimist thrift store. I found a beautiful pair of drapes for 50 cents. I couldn't believe it. They're in perfect condition. I think this has to go down as THE SCORE of all scores for me. We have deer in our yard almost daily. They're sweet, but I do wish they'd leave my flowers and bell peppers alone. Have a great day! ~ Nancy


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