My Favorite Decoration So Far

Like many of you, I have been working on Christmas decorating this week. Little by little, it's coming together.  I'm hoping to be all done very soon but so far, this is my favorite vignette.

My kitchen is my favorite room to decorate. I remembered seeing this white, messily painted board in our garage and I thought it might work as kind of a tray for the area behind the sink.

I thought about giving it a quick coat of white paint to freshen it up but then I decided I kind of liked the imperfect look.  

I used mostly white items, added some greenery, a little bit of red, and a touch of blue.

I like it so far ~ except that cranberry on the right in the above photo is looking a little squishy ~ I may have to change that!  : )

I want to be all done by the 9th so I can join the Christmas Open House
Party hosted by Common Ground and Cozy Little House.
Hope to see you there!

Have a Great Weekend!


  1. A great start and so pretty. Love your light natural touches.

  2. It looks great and very christmas. I use to decorate every room in the house, but now only the living room and dining room.

  3. Hi JoAnne,

    I love the colors of your decoration. White with red was very beautiful ...



  4. I can't wait to see more! I really like your kitchen vignette and that board is perfect! I've just started decorating today because my bins were in the attic and my sweetheart was gone for ten days. You always inspire me!

  5. JoAnne I have always enjoyed any thing I saw in your home, including and especially your kitties. How are they all doing? Your kitchen vignette is quite styling, looks natural, and the board is awesome rustic.
    This year I am not doing much as my time for decorating stops on Sunday. Monday will be going to have right shoulder replaced and quite possibly good old rotator cuff also, wore them out. Surgeon said since she'll be in there might as well do cuff if it looks worn out enuf. I have deteriorating disk/joint disease. Have had both knees done over 5 yrs. ago now it's time for upper body, kinda nervous. Am bit more apprehensive with this surgery than knees as this will put me in position of not being able to do as much for a bit as I could with knees out of commission, lol. But this too shall pass and be on road back to ornery old self. Not too much slows me down. Have fun decorating.
    I opted not to get all our old decorations out this year so wouldn't have big mess to put away after holidays. Have nothing to refer to how I'll be doing by New Years. In way it's kind of nice as am keeping things very simple and not much at all this year. Will look forward to seeing what else you do for your holiday decorating. Sure do enjoy seeing bloggers decorations.
    Have great weekend.

  6. There's nothing like white, JoAnne, it looks so chiming and festive. I am a huge fan of the imperfect look!

  7. Everything looks so fresh and pretty!

  8. That was a great find for a tray in your kitchen. Your Christmas decor color scheme matches your house too! I like the boxwood greenery and cranberries you used.

  9. Lovely vignettes in your kitchen. Very elegant.

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