Kitchen Shelves and Exercise Too

The other day I removed one item from my kitchen shelves to use 
elsewhere and somehow that set off a rearrangement of the
entire set of shelves.

I removed everything and just started playing around.
I don't usually have any kind of plan when I have
the impulse to rearrange.

I just lay out things that I think might work and just keep adding
or taking away until I'm happy with the look.

The fun part is that I have to climb up on the counter to reach the shelves
and then climb back down so I can step back to see how it looks.
This climbing up and down can occur many times so at least I'm
incorporating some exercise into my decorating.  : )

It's nice to have a fresh look especially on some of these 
dreary winter days.


  1. I just sigh when I see your home. It's so pretty.

  2. Very pretty! I really like that white bowl on the top shelf!

  3. I love your arrangements!

  4. Pretty

  5. You sound like me, when I go to do one thing end up doing whole thing without planning it ahead. Think that's way things are supposed to be to get us to do something we really wanted to do but hadn't let ourselves think about. I seem to get more done that way than if I'd planned it.
    Your arrangements on shelves always looks like you planned it, looks so right. Is that cause you didn't plan it? Sure is for me. I seem to have to do things very spontaneously. Did you do just that one shelf or go on to rearrange more? Once I get started I keep going, what the heck why not? Cause if I don't the un-re-arranged shelves don't look right to me anymore, lol.
    As Stacey says your home is so pretty, always looks so peaceful and tidy. Mine will look nice til I start a project then watch out. Is it that I can't stand to have a tidy house or ? Enjoy your wonderful home and have fantastic week

  6. I love when that happens! :)

  7. Looks excellent!

    I have been "excercising," er I mean redecorating at my sisters house and I know exactly what you mean. The first day of really heavy moving and lifting and such I went home barely able to move. BUT worth every complaint, as it is starting to look pretty good there! Of course I never thought to document, so no blog post about it, doggone me inmy epic failure as a blogger lol. Hugs. ♥

  8. Your shelves are arranged so artfully against the pretty blue beadboard backing, Joanne. I was doing the same exercise routine as you yesterday, but I had a tall kitchen chair to use as my exercise equipment. I love your backsplash tiles, too!

  9. This is exercise how I understand it! And it gives a lovely result... on the shelves at least!

  10. Hi JoAnn, You have a gift of decorating, the shelves look so pretty. Love your white dishes and pottery against the gorgeous back blue color. I understand the up and down, yes, good exercise…….

  11. My method is similar to yours - work at it until it just feels right.

    I love that floral plate with the blue band around the edge.

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!

  12. I do the same thing......move something to another spot, then you have to find something to fill the spot, then something to fill the spot you just left by filling the first spot!!! Lol! It's a vicious cycle! Your spots are always beautiful:)


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