July 16, 2016

Farmhouse Style In My Kitchen

Farmhouse style has really taken off, hasn't it?
I love it just as much as many of you out there.
One of the great things about it is that it's fairly easy to add 
to your decor and it can be relatively inexpensive too.

Here are a few recent finds for my kitchen that I
think give it a little more of that farmhouse feeling. 

Now this one is pretty obvious considering it has the word "FARM" right on it  : )
This came from a little shop I went to while we were on vacation 
and it really inspired me to add a few more farmhouse style accessories.

I have admired these vintage scales forever and I finally found one on Ebay 
that I thought would look great in my kitchen and was also a reasonable price.
Boy, some of them are really pricey!

Any good farmhouse has to have a rooster, right?
A quick little project I did was add blue grain sack stripes to
this white wooden rooster.
I think he is pretty proud of them!

Of course mason jars and pretty little flowers bring on the farmhouse vibe.

And not just mason jars, but almost any kind of jar.
This old Radish jar was a gift and I just love it - it goes perfectly
in my kitchen.

This little lamb was also a vacation purchase.
It's actually a Christmas ornament but I want to see him everyday.
Isn't that little face adorable?

So don't throw away those jelly jars and pickle jars.
They are perfect for silverware or other kitchen utensils.

Even a crisp linen towel (wrinkles and all) is a 
simple way to add that farmhouse feeling.

Old bowls, bread boards, wire baskets and old cook books from
thrift stores are just a few more items that can bring farmhouse style
to your kitchen.

So what do you think?
It's a style that is charming, cozy, relaxing and easy to work with.
Yep, I think it's going to be around for awhile and that's just fine with me.

Thanks a bunch for visiting!



  1. I think it looks fantastic! Love the farmhouse touches. Pinned!

  2. Looks great JoAnne. Loving the farmhouse decor you have. Happy Sunday.

  3. Love that glass radish jar! That lamb is also sweet, Looks all good together. Great job! Janice

  4. So cute. I love, love the rooster. He is adorable. The radish jar! Oh my. Cute.

  5. Love all of your sweet touches. You have a great farmhouse/country look. Love the lamb and the checkered tea towel!


  6. Love your farmhouse touches in your kitchen.

  7. I love mixing styles and farmhouse fits in perfectly. I love and have all that you mention here in my home and it is a Victorian! It all looks great in your kitchen! The cute sign says it all!

  8. Jo- you have the sweetest and happiest kitchen!


  9. I love that scale, JoAnn!! It's so charming!

  10. I love your Farmhouse style. It is soothing. The blue you chose in the kitchen is so soft, what paint is it?
    Anyway, love the lamb....I'd have it out too.

  11. Seeing your kitchen is always a delight. And the scale is a really nice find.

  12. It has taken off and I LOVE it! It is so clean and cozy, and gosh darned cute. Your little lamb is just precious.

  13. Hi Joanne, I enjoyed the blue and white elements you put together - my mother loved that color combo too. I especially like the scale - glad you found one you liked! Thanks for sharing these photos! Blessings, Janet

  14. Your kitchen is great! I like farmhouse style!

  15. JoAnne, I love the farmhouse style and have brought a bit of it into my home both upstairs and down. I too have a love for vintage scales! I have been lucky to find three at a reasonable price. Some of them really are big bucks. Love all of your farmhouse touches! I have a thing for sheep as well. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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    1. Thank you, Marie-Helene. I'm so glad you stopped by!

  17. Dear Jo-Anne:
    Just letting you know your post was featured on my blog today! Thanks and congratulations.

  18. Dear Jo-Anne:
    Just letting you know your post was featured on my blog today! Thanks and congratulations.

  19. JoAnne- your kitchen is so pretty. I love all of the details.
    Thank you for joining us at Thoughts of Home.
    Hope to see you next week too.

    White Spray Paint

  20. JoAnne, the farmhouse touches are lovely! Thank you for sharing. You are one of the fan favorites at the Sunday Showcase from the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Here is the link so you can check out your feature. http://www.thededicatedhouse.com/2016/07/sunday-showcase-make-pretty-monday.html Hope to see you again tomorrow night at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  21. Hi Joanne, just hopping back to let you know that you will be featured at SYC this week.