The Meaning of Home

     Yes, home is the place that we live but it also means many more things to me.  Home is the place where I can truly relax.  It is a sanctuary and a refuge from the world.  Where I can be myself and be accepted for who I am.  It is where I can be with those I love the most and where I feel the most loved.  I think many of us share these same feelings and beyond that we want to make our homes beautiful, comfortable and inviting for ourselves and our families.  That doesn't mean it has to be expensive but rather making it a place that creates a happy and content feeling.  We do that through color, furnishings, items that hold special family memories, items found at flea markets and thrift stores and for many of the very talented people out there, it is through transforming items already owned into something special.
     We moved into our current home about 3 years ago and have been "creating a home to love" ever since.  And believe me, this home needed A LOT of love!  It was built in 1959 and other than some cosmetic changes, it had not been updated since.  Here is a picture of how it currently looks.

(Ignore the decapitated snowman in the front yard!)
     We have made many changes and there are many more we would like to do.  I will be sharing some of that in future posts.  I love that it has a little bit of a New England look to it.  I think I am really a New England girl at heart.  Thanks for reading!  Be back soon!!



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