Black & White for Spring?

I've been dressing up our foyer a bit for Spring and Easter.

'The Boss' says "Come on in and see what the crazy decorating lady
in this house has been up to this time!"

(You better do what he says, cause he is 'The Boss' after all!)

It all started with the Cherish, Live, Dream sign but this wall
needed something else.

So I found these little drawings of the lamb, chick and bunny
and repurposed this black frame.

My old window frame is on the opposite wall.

I added a black & white bunny print heart and another 
little bunny with a burlap bow.

The brown bunny I purchased recently at Homegoods is sitting on the bench with a basket
of pink flowers to complement her pink bow.

I'm beginning to think she's quite the snooty little bunny with her nose stuck
so far up in the air!!

I never thought I would use black and white for spring 
but I like how it looks with the blue walls.
And it ties in with these hooks on the other side of the doorway
to the kitchen.

And also with the ceiling light.

'The Boss' says "That's all for today."
I say, thank you very much for coming in to see my
 black and white (and a little pink) spring foyer.

Happy Spring Everyone!


  1. Looks awesome! Your boss is cute, too!


  2. Your spring decorations are so darling! I love bunnies and can't wait to bring my little collection out! Love that window...if you ever find it missing...!!


  3. Love your sping foyer. The bunnies are too cute! Thanks for sharing, liz

  4. Hi~~ I love the old window hanging on the wall. It is so pretty. The color and chippiness looks perfect against your blue wall.
    Have a great week

  5. I like what you have done, and the black and white works well in your home. I haven't even started my Easter decorating, but you've inspired me. I'm visiting from Cozy Home Party.

  6. All very nice. The old window vignette is adorable.

  7. Awesome idea and I love your job!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  8. I love, love, love the adorable lamb, chick, and bunny picture. The planter and bunny are cute too. My HomeGoods hasn't been well stocked lately, but I hope when I visit, they will have more cute spring and Easter things such as your bunny. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful Easter things at my party!

  9. Hi JoAnne,

    Everything looks so lovely. I adore your bunnies and picture art.... Beautiful for Spring! Thanks for sharing. Hope you will visit Magnolia Cottage. I'm your newest follower.



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