Box With Drawer Thingie Makeover with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Hi Everyone,

I have a few little painting projects that I have been
putting off for a while now. 
 I have also been thinking about trying out the
very famous Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

I have really hesitated to purchase this paint because of the price.
However, I finally decided that it might just motivate
 me to get to work on some of my projects.
So I ordered my first can of ASCP in Old White.

First up was the box with drawer thingie that I showed you 
just before Christmas.

I applied 2 coats of the paint, sanding between each coat.
Then I waxed it with some Minwax Paste Finishing Wax
that I already had.

The pattern on the front is actually a piece of shelf liner that
I just cut to size and attached with plain old white glue.

Here it is all dressed up with some accessories!

    ☙    ☙     ☙    ☙    ☙    ☙    ☙    

{ this before and after really kind of amazes me }

I loved working with the chalk paint.
It is easy to sand and becomes silky smooth.
The finishing wax gives it a nice, subtle sheen.

Just knowing that I don't have to do any boring and tedious
prep work makes me much more motivated to start a project.

I have a feeling a few more things around here are
going to be wearing Old White pretty soon!

So watch out kids, you've been looking a little
 rough around the edges lately!

Thanks so much for taking a look at my little project.
It's much more fun when you have someone to share it with!


  1. did a wonderful job. I really love this. Is it a breadbox? I've never tried the ASCP so I love to hear opinions on it. I have a few projects that I'm waiting to do when the weather warms up so I just may invest in this. I love how you used the shelf liner paper! What a great idea! :)


  2. JoAnne,

    Your project turned out wonderfully! Wow- I was so excited wh en you first showed us and now I am in awe at how awesome that piece has become.


  3. I love them both. The green would fit best in my house, but the white looks so fresh and crisp.

    Great job!

  4. it came out really pretty! well done!

  5. What a transformation! I love your addition of the shelf liner piece.

  6. It turned out fabulous....great transformation!

  7. it turned out great! i have never tried the paint either, since i am such a cheap-o. i would like to try it sometime though. did you find it was easy to apply or was it very thick, hard to spread with the brush?

  8. That turned out great! I've never used chalk paint before either. I am hesitant because of the price too but now I just might have to try it. I love that you don't have to do any prep before painting.

    Thrifty Decor Mom

  9. Love the little drawer box thingy - you made it wonderful in white. The pink makes it special.

  10. Pinned. Love the checks and your color choice:) New follow. Follow back at

  11. This is lovely, I always like before/afters....the shelf paper touches it off nicely, I have never painted with chalk paint before but have been seeing this is popular way to do things, you learn so much blogging. Thank you

  12. it was cute was YOU after!

  13. Such a pretty makeover!
    I gave you an award - see here;



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