The Joy of Finding A Dress

I don't normally post about fashion but I felt inspired to share the fun
I have had trying to find a dress to wear to my son's graduation this spring.

As I was shopping, I quickly came to realize the type of
dress I did NOT want.

No crazy, swirly, multi-colored patterns that make my head spin.

No dresses with a handkerchief hem.
(And could someone please tell this model to brush her hair?)

No full skirts that make my hips look twice as big - they already look
 big enough thank you very much!
Besides, I don't have that style of tennis shoes to wear with it.

Again, I don't have the appropriate footwear - otherwise this mini dress with
its flowy sleeves might be tempting.

The one below could be a contender because then I wouldn't have to
change into my nightgown at bedtime.

Definitely NO to a bodycon dress.  
Trust me, no one wants to see me in one of these.
I see a big list of cons here, definitely no pros.

If I get really desperate, I could wrap one of my throw rugs around myself.
I just have to make sure the fringe hangs at the bottom.

This is probably not appropriate for a graduation but when I go on an
 African Safari this would be perfect so I can blend right in with the zebras.

Umm NO!


Just NO on so many levels.

Need I say anything?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

I mean really, who wears these things!

But thankfully, all is not lost.
After much online browsing, shopping, trying on, frustration, etc.,
I found a dress that I love.
  Here is the online image but I think it's prettier than this picture shows.

So happy I won't have to wrap myself in a throw rug.

Have a great week!
Disclaimer:  No offense to anyone who likes the dresses shown in this post.
They are just not for this fifty something mom with some extra weight around the middle
who hasn't been to an exercise class in quite some time.  Trust me!

- joining -


  1. You cracked me up, JoAnne! I'm with you - it's tough to find the right dress especially when there's a special occasion attached to it. I do like handkerchief hems but for something so trendy, I want it to cost $19.99 and they never do. :) The one you found is perfect for spring and for graduation. :)

  2. I LOVE your choice...I have 3 graduations to go to this spring...but this olden woman of 78 will wear boots, leggins and a cute handerchief top with a tiny purse hanging on my shoulder.....xoxo

  3. Oh my gosh, I was hysterical and nodding along through the whole post! I love your choice and know that you'll look super elegant! Thanks for the giggle and the fun fashion peek!

  4. Too funny! I'm already dreading trying to find a dress for a July wedding. I better start now!

  5. You are so funny.....loved reading the dress dilemma ....just wondering, is the one you selected a little short?

    1. The dress is actually longer on me than the model in the picture - I would agree that it's a little short for me if it fit the same as the model. In real life, it doesn't flare out as much at the bottom either which is better for me as well. Thanks so much for visiting!

  6. I love the one you chose! I agree with you about the challenges of finding a dress in a sea of dresses made for 16 year olds with no body fat at all?

    1. Thanks, Deanna - it has been quite the challenge, that's for sure!

  7. This post was so cute. Had to laugh right along with you. When I look for dresses, it's the same thing, and I am not about to buy any of them, so I still have to look for a dress that does not make me look like an old grandma..which I am, but you know what I mean...Love the dress you picked out.

  8. That would be my choice. It is very hard to find a dress these days. Your post illustrated that well.

  9. Lol! My thoughts exactly, on all those dresses that were a "no"! Love the one you chose, it's darling!

  10. Most of those dresses are designed for young women who still have the body of a 12 year old.

    I love what you chose and I hope we get to see a picture of the graduation.

  11. Finding age appropriate dresses is such a challenge which explains why I stay with slacks!


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