November 17, 2011

A Thanksgiving Sampler

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share a couple quick things I made
for Thanksgiving decorations.
I made a Thanksgiving Sampler but I did it the cheaters way.
Years ago, I used to embroider and cross stitch but who has
time for that these days?
So of course I used the computer.
I played around with different fonts, symbols, and colors
until I came up with something I was happy with.

Then I just printed it out, placed it on a piece of blue card stock,
 and put it in a frame.


~ so simple ~

The next project was even easier.

I had found a really large leaf outside and after it dried, 
I kept moving it around trying to find a way to display it.
Then it suddenly came to me ~
(very dramatic like) !

Remember this frame I showed you a while back?

Well now it is proudly displaying my lovely leaf!
Isn't that just brilliant of me?  : )

Here are both of my projects hanging together.

I see this every time I walk into the house from the garage
so it's nice have something fun to look at.
I'm so happy and appreciative that you looked at it too!

~ I definitely count all of you as one of my many blessings ~

~ JoAnne

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  1. Very great ideas, JoAnne. I like the pretty frames. too!


  2. Your wall art is lovely. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas at Potpourri Friday!

  3. These look wonderful, Joann. I just love the frames you chose for them...I just adore your posts.

  4. I love your "sampler" very clever!
    Be Blessed,

  5. These are so CUTE JoAnne! I love them! And the leaf! LOVE IT!

    Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Lou Cinda