New Family Room Rug

The Blog Boss And A New Rug
- a story of a cat and his home adventures -
What's this, Mom, a new rug?
Watch this, I'm gonna check it out ... 
Okay, I approve...even got a little cat hair on it for ya!


Oh great...just what it needed...a little cat hair!

So The Boss approves.
 Now I would love to know what YOU think!

Old Rug...

New Rug...

I was originally looking at the Dash and Albert rugs which I love
but I couldn't find one that seemed just right for this room.
Then I happened to see this one in a Pottery Barn catalog and the colors
 looked perfect.
It was less expensive than the Dash and Albert rugs too so
I was pretty okay with that!
I think it really pulls the room together.

So do you agree with "The Blog Boss"?
I would really love to know what you think 'cause
 I know you all have awesome style!

~ JoAnne


  1. Yes I love the PB rug....The stripes look wonderful in the room! Dash and Albert rugs are also awesome! Your rocker looks wonderful too!

  2. Perfect! Your room looks like a PB photo--so pretty; I love how the rug pulls out the browns in your furniture and lovely against the wood floor.

  3. The rug looks perfect in your new design.. it works well with everything.. very light and bright.. its great to have a change.
    Great photos..lovely lounge.
    lovley boss!

  4. Wow! I love the new rug. Your room looks so beautiful - I love everything about it! I think kitty likes the rug too. : )

    Lori : )
    Thrifty Decor Mom

  5. I think it looks beautiful! It really ties the room together and your boss adorable and very clever. :)

  6. I think it looks great Joanne. It just pulls everything together and gives that pop of color. I LOVE it! And I think the Boss is adorable! Are cats not the funniest things when we bring something new in the house! They are a hoot!!

    Lou Cinda

  7. I think the new rug brightens the room, and adds a nice fresh feel. I agree with the boss.

  8. I think it looks so so good! I really love it, it's perfect with the brown leather furniture you have. May I ask where you got the sofa and loveseat? I really like both! Although, I'm just looking for a leather chair. Isn't it just like a cat to put their stamp on a new piece at home!?!

  9. I love the PB rug and I am a big fan of blue, so you have my vote. It gives your room a fresher look too. Thanks for sharing at DIYbyDesign.

  10. There's something about a blue stripe rug that always catches my eye.....looks awesome in your room. I've been thinking about adding blue to my living room this summer, and this rug would be perfect. Of course, I had to check the PB website, and the price is fantastic compared to Dash and Albert (I actually sold a diamond necklace 2 years back to buy one!).

    You did good!

  11. Your blue rug is what your room needed. It looks great!

  12. Oh that rug is just so perfect! I too am looking for a new family room rug and had also considered Dash & Albert, but am very concerned with my kitty's nails making a mess of it. Please keep us updated as to how it holds up with your kitty - I think I see a new rug in my future!


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