March 25, 2015


I found a really wonderful cottage kitchen to show you today.
It's all done in black and white.
 It has a really unique decorative feature too ~ the ceiling is wallpapered in
a black and white floral pattern!
Doesn't it look great?

                       Kitchen by San Diego Interior Designers & Decorators Kathy Ann Abell Interiors

The rest of the kitchen isn't too shabby either.
Beautiful white cabinetry, black countertops, and checkered floors
with just enough wood to warm up the space.

I know we all love the retro stove as well!

Here you get a better look at the pretty ceiling.
I have done some wallpapering in my day but I have to say my neck and shoulders
couldn't handle wallpapering a ceiling but I do really like the look.
What do you think?
Would you ever wallpaper a ceiling?

                       Kitchen by San Diego Interior Designers & Decorators Kathy Ann Abell Interiors

Looking down the hall, we get a peak into the dining room 
decorated in black and white also. 
 In fact, the entire cottage is done in black and white.
You can see more photos HERE.

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  1. Hey JoAnne- I love the cabs, stove, sink but they lost me on the ceiling and floor- too busy for this zen minimalist! What I loved most about visiting today is your pretty new bio picture - very lovely! : - )

  2. It's absolutely beautiful! Would I wall paper a ceiling? Probably not. I'd look up, get dizzy and fall to the floor!

  3. How gorgeous is that?!?!!! I have a friend that wallpapered her ceiling, too, and I have always loved it. Headed over to see more. xo Diana

  4. When I was growing up we had a black and white kitchen. It was really cute. Everyone that came to our house talked about it.

  5. Hmm... Luv the crisp black and white décor, but I might have trouble with the ceiling :) The stove, how amazing is that?!

  6. I love it! Love that beautiful floor too!

  7. The kitchen is beautiful, but I don't think that I could wallpaper the ceiling.

  8. WOW That is so cute. Love the floors and ceiling.

  9. How pretty! The stove is amazing. Thank you for joining the Share Your Style party.

  10. This kitchen is really amazing to me...maybe because I never thought I could love a kitchen in black and white! The striped curtains and the double farmhouse sink give it a very cottagy look. And the stove...sigh!

    Thanks for sharing. I love your new blog design and your profile pic is so pretty! :)

    Jane x

  11. Love this kitchen Joanne! That ceiling, the floors, and my that stove. Thank you for sharing at THT!

  12. I am loving that vintage stove!!! Oh my goodness!! When we purchased our house, the original 1950's stove came with it. I hung onto that beautiful Royal Rose stove for a couple of years. I absolutely loved it!! It became increasingly difficult to pre-heat and finally, after it took more than an hour to pre-heat on Thanksgiving morning, I made the decision it was time to buy a new one. I kept it in the backyard as a planter for a few years and then it eventually made it to the Royal Rose graveyard. Broke my heart. LOL!!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  13. I'm in love with the floor and the counter tops!

  14. Wow! I love the entire kitchen...floor to ceiling. I see how it could be overwhelming for some, but I love it. Thanks for sharing this one! Fun!

  15. So charming! I love the stove and I actually really like the wallpapered ceiling. The bathroom we are currently remodeling had a wallpapered ceiling a I didn't care for it. I guess it just depends on the space.
    xo Sally

  16. Charming and pretty. I love that stove.

  17. Think it's unanimous about that stove. There was stove like that in parents house in Tucson when they bought it in 1951, it was still working like a charm when house was sold many years later, sure loved that stove. San Diego is big on vintage stuff, have several vintage selling stores there at premium prices. There are many great old cottages there in different parts of town, especially in beach areas. Would love to have one but they are premium prices also. (lived in San Diego areas from 1971 to 1992).
    Love that kitchen, the floor is gorgeous, beautiful with just some blocks in black and others stained. The ceiling, better them than me. It is very striking looking, love the flowers on black background, every feature is quite striking to look at. I couldn't do that with bulging disks in neck and back. Love your new photo.
    Enjoy weekend

  18. Oh, my goodness! I love this kitchen and the vintage look to it. Now I would wallpaper a ceiling and as pretty as this is, I think the color is just too dark and I would feel like the ceiling was closing down on me. But it a lighter color or a less busy design, I would truly love it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. That kitchen is so gorgeous! I especially love the ceiling and the floor. I live in an 1870 Victorian house and the kitchen ceiling was wallpapered when we moved in. It was old and dirty, and probably a white background with strawberries.....white, green and red! It was a bear to get off! I think it was the thing to do in older homes...either wallpaper the ceiling or paint it an accent color, as opposed to white.

  20. LOVE it!! The ceiling and stove are my favorite! Blessings~~~Roxie

  21. What a beautiful kitchen! I love the look of the entire home. Yes, I would paper a ceiling - and I have in the past - but I wouldn't do it myself anymore! My dear, little mother wallpapered a bathroom ceiling in a bathroom that had an 'ugly' ceiling. It was a real conversation piece, for sure. When I was young - and seven months pregnant with our son - I wallpapered the bathroom ceiling in a home that needed the ceiling replaced. It wasn't in our budget to redo the ceiling so I followed my mother's example and covered it with a beautiful paper. (And my sweetheart wasn't happy that I did it myself when I was pregnant!)

  22. Wallpapered ceiling!? Awesome feature!
    I love color theme and retro stove. Beautiful kitchen :)

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  23. I love this kitchen. The floor is gorgeous. I really like the wallpaper, though I'm not sure I would love having it on teh ceiling in person, I'd be afraid it makes the room feel "enclosed". It does look great on the pictures, though, so maybe I'm wrong.

  24. I love the white cabinets, but would never wallpaper a kitchen ceiling with all the grease? I like the floor a I freakin want that vintage stove. Oh my I want it. Everything except the floor is white and to me the ceiling seem to be coming "down" on your. great pictures.

  25. That kitchen is darling! The floors made me swoon and of course, I love that stove.

    Cathy has a good point about the grease.