March 6, 2015


Hi Everyone,
Here is Part 2 of the pictures we took of our house
when we looked at it for the first time and what those rooms look like now.
You can see Part 1 here.

The master bedroom is on the first floor and this is what it looked like
 back then - very dark and dated.

We decided to remove the window behind the bed. It looked directly into
the side of our neighbor's house and it also limited furniture arrangement.
The window on the left was replaced with a larger window.
A lighter paint color and decor has made the room so much lighter and brighter.
We also found original hardwood floors under the carpet so that was great news!

The wall in the picture below was moved back a little bit and one large walk-in
 closet was created with only one door instead of the two separate closets.

Now our large armoire is on the wall where the two closet openings were.
It's not a huge master bedroom, but we're happy with it 
and certainly a big improvement from before.

The bedroom below (which was being used as an office) was right
 next to the master bedroom.

So guess what?
It's now our master bathroom.
Pretty handy how that worked out, right?

Now we move on to the second floor.
This is the first bedroom at the top of the stairs and this is how it looked before.

And now it has been updated for our daughter.

This next room was going to be our son's room so of course this decor 
would not do at all!

We did a quick update of the room when we first moved in
but recently it was given another makeover which is what you see below.

And here is the teensy tiny bathroom on the second floor.
About a year and a half ago, there was a huge transformation to this space.
It involved adding a large dormer to the front of our house to enlarge the bathroom.

Here is the completed space.
Sooo much better!

We have lived in our home for about 7 1/2 years now, 
and it does amaze me to look back and see all of the changes.

You know how it can get discouraging when you think about
all of the things you would still like to do with your home.
Looking back at what we have accomplished helps me to put
things into perspective and appreciate my home even more.

Thanks A Bunch For Visiting!


  1. How pretty everything looks now. It's amazing how a home can change over time.

  2. I love the paint you chose for the rooms. I painted our bedroom a blue a few years ago and I am ready for a change. The blue in the can turn out different on the walls, but I just did not want to paint it again. I love the color you chose for yours and will keep that in mind when I get a chance to paint ours again.

  3. I remember some of these room changes, but not the master. That is amazing, creative planning to put all that together.

  4. JoAnne,
    You have done such a great job on the changes to your home. The bathrooms are so beautiful and love the beautiful re do on the rooms. Gorgeous. You should just smile to look at the rooms now and remember how they were. So cozy and inviting.

  5. Hi JoAnne!

    Your home is beautiful! I also prefer lighter colors and a romantic and delicate decoration!

    Have a good weekend!



  6. You have a lovely home!

  7. All the rooms you shared with us are so pretty!

  8. Great jobs on all the rooms.

  9. You have a beautiful home!

  10. Wow, what a difference! Your home looks so fresh and Springy! Love your color choices

  11. JoAnne,
    what a big big change! You do have a great feeling for furnituring a room, for creating a wellcoming atmosphere, and elegance, Great! Congratulation, absolutely adorable! Thank you for your lovely visit and your charming words. Happy to have you around!
    Happy Spring

  12. I just love your house JoAnne! You've made so many great changes to fit your family. Every room is just beautiful!

  13. The way you transformed your house is amazing. It's so much brighter now and your bedroom looks very cosy.

  14. Every time I see your home I'm amazed at the beauty you've created. I loved seeing the before and after photos - what a difference!

  15. Your home is beautiful and really cheerful, JoAnn :)

    Your daughter's old room really took me back. I'm pretty sure my daughter had that same bed at one point.