Spring On My Little Bench

I haven't had time to do much spring decorating due to
lots of activities going on with the kids.
We spent the weekend in Cleveland at a Robotics Competition
which turned out to be really fun.
However, today I did have a chance to play around with some
spring decorating on my little bench in our entryway.

It ended up being sort of a garden theme.

I added a piece of light colored burlap to the top of the bench
and then just piled on some faux flowers and greenery.

I also added this print of tulips in a pitcher ~ just right for spring.

 Of course, the little shelves needed some spring touches as well.

I have used this topiary in so many different places ~
it's great for adding height where needed.

It feels good to bring out the flowers and reminders of spring.
And we're finally having some warmer weather around here  ~ 
I hope you are too!

- joining -


  1. It looks gorgeous, JoAnne! So fresh and spring-like. Love it.

    My dentist's son went to that same convention. : - )

    Happy spring and Easter to you!

  2. The Spring decor in your entryway looks great and is so pretty!!

  3. Very pretty. I like how you painted the back of the shelf.

  4. It all looks so pretty and cheerful!

  5. I love the topiary and other floral arrangements. Does your "blog boss" jump up on the table to inspect the changes? Anything new on a surface requires our kitty crew's approval!

  6. So sweet and pretty Joanne. Have a wonderful Easter.

  7. Joanne this is pretty. Love the little topiary


  8. Perfect vignette! I'm so longing to spend time in the garden!

  9. Such a wonderful little bunch of springtime goodies!! Happy Easter to you and your family!!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  10. It's perfect for Spring :)

  11. Oh everything looks so fresh and Springy JoAnne! Love the picture and the pitcher of flowers!

  12. It all looks so pretty and Springy and so many of you lovely folks in Midwest and east need all the Springy you can get from what I've seen on here. We have a shelf like yours except it has 3 little compartments instead of two. Used to have hooks on it also but took them off to put shelf upside down with things on shelf and in little cubby compartments. I use it on table and on shutter shelf, worked out better that way than as wall shelf.
    Your pitcher of flowers and books/gorgeous tea cup/saucers is so Springy, love colors on all of it. We make benches like yours, still have some hubs made in MT and they're hanging in there. Sturdy and quite versatile for several uses.
    Hubs would come home from the road, cut things out/put together then was my job to sand and paint/stain. They were one of our best sellers in MT. besides our little country signs.
    Would love to be able to go to Cleveland to try to find our old neighborhood, I was born in Cleveland in 1940. Think our old house still there? Was a dead end street with a pond on end where all kids skated in Winter. Behind our house was the woods. We lived there til 1950 when we moved to Tucson for my brother's health, he had asthma really bad. My Mom had relatives all over Cleveland as she was one of 7 kids. One of my aunts/uncles and cousins lived out in country in Akron. It's amazing what we remember from being kids.
    Hope you're having great weekend


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