Our lilac bushes didn't do very well this year but I did manage
to make a small bouquet for the kitchen.
I thought the color looked really pretty with the light blue
of the ceramic colander.

So when I noticed some lavender colored wildflowers along the creek
in our backyard, I cut some of those and brought them in.

I played around with some different arrangements.
There were a few yellow flowers which I cut as well.

I'm just really loving the lavender and blue combination.

Some of the yellow flowers replaced the lilacs here.

On the table, I grouped some flowers in a basket that I got
 for a couple bucks at a thrift store recently.
I added a sprig of the lavender flowers in my little blue and white cream pitcher.

The tiny white flowers in the white pitcher look more like weeds
but they'll do for now.  : }

All in all, not too bad for free flowers.

Thanks so much to everyone who read my Saturday Spotlight post
at Junk Chic Cottage.  It was so fun to be featured and I really
appreciate all of your super sweet comments!

{And yes, Stacey, peanut butter and mayo - you should try it!}

As always, thank you for visiting!

♡♡♡ JoAnne



  1. Lilac and blue are so beautiful together. And, what is more lovely than a white flower. Love your photos. Deb

  2. They look beautiful!! This winter did a number on all our flowering trees:-(

  3. Very pretty. I think the lavender ones are phlox, right? And I love that little blue shelf on your wall!

  4. So pretty, love the lavender and blue together. Isn't this time of year the best, all the flowers blooming, the world coming alive! Thanks for sharing the beauty at your part of the world.


  5. Such a beautiful flower arrangement with flowers from around your house - just love it all! Love the touches of blue, and especially your little blue shelf hanging on the wall! Special touches like you have done just make all the difference in the world in making your home a cozy welcoming space. Beautiful!

  6. Lovely flowers and photos.

    I am totally drawn to purple flowers this season.

  7. Love your lilac and blues together JoAnne. So pretty. The purple flowers this year are so vibrant. Have a great week end.

  8. Such pretty vignettes. Have a super weekend


  9. JoAnne, your flowers are so pretty. I saw you on Saturday Spotlight and I enjoyed getting to know you better. Your children are just adorable. Have fun in Europe this summer!

  10. Your flowers are beautiful, JoA - my lilacs are just beginning to bud.....we have the latest bloomers, so when they do bloom come on over for a cuppa and a visit before your travels, perhaps? I should very much love that. Hugs.

  11. I love your flower arrangements... and you know what Eeyore says about weeds? They are flowers too!

  12. As I read this post I kept 'singing' the old song 'Lavender blue, Dilly dilly - Lavender blue'! Your flowers are so sweet and the way you put them together is wonderful. I think I should go outside and get some flowers to bring inside!

  13. Your flower arrangements are simply beautiful!


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