Hi Blog Friends!
I've been thinking about painting our master bedroom so I have been looking for some inspiration.
  I came across some beautiful bedrooms that I just had to share.
  I really love a warm and cozy room that makes me feel like I'm at a charming bed and breakfast.  

Of course I love the soft blue and white in this one.
{via here}

The wall color here creates a very warm and cozy feeling.
{via here}

This room is so charming with the slatted wall and curved ceiling.
{Country Living}

This room feels bright and cheerful.
{via here}

Love this lantern, soft headboard, and comfy chair.
{My Homeideas}

This room has so many charming details.
  Look at the blue ceiling and the cute shape of the table in the lower right corner.

Sort of a unique combination of soft colors here but they all work well together.
{Country Living}

I could be happy in any of these rooms.  They all have that feeling I love.
Aren't they just so pretty?

I hope you enjoy looking at these rooms as much as I do!

~ ~ JoAnne


  1. Hi JoAnne such beautiful bedrooms thanks for sharing them with us!! Martina

  2. Helo Joanne,

    Rooms #1-5 and 6 get my the comfy chairs.

    janet xox

  3. Take this 'l' and insert into my above 'Helo'


    Janet xox


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