Sun Dappled Front Door

I liked the way the sun dappled on the front of our house today
as it filtered through the trees so I was inspired to take some pictures.

I didn't plant a lot of flowers this year, but the ones I did plant 
have been little troopers through the heat.

I found these white impatiens late in the season for 25 cents per plant.
They've really hung in there and are starting to thrive.

I do go out and water every evening if it hasn't rained.

A couple pots of geraniums . . .

. . . as well as a hanging basket by the door
and that's about it for this year.

~ hang in there little blooms, cooler days are coming ~

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I would love for you to do so.
The winner will be announced on August 1st!!

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  1. Your entry looks pretty with the dappled sun on the door and stone. The area has a very welcoming look because of the cute bench and pretty flowers. Great price, by the way! I hope it is cool enough in your area to take advantage of the bench and enjoy the view. It is expected to be 91 here today so I will be indoors most of the day! -----------Shannon

  2. I only have luck with impatients. Love them. I like the ones that look like little roses. And there are ones for sun that also do well. I have to spray them so the deer will stay away. They will get all nice and pretty and then the deer eat them. Not happy when that happens. Like your cottage looking home. Love the brick.

  3. Your entry looks so pretty! I love the hanging basket.

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  5. Your entry does look very petty, is that stone on your house, really give a lot of charm. I love inpatients but this year I been having a hard time keeping them watered, so hot and dry. Their doing OK, but hot popping like they usually do! Your front yard is very welcoming! So darn cute, and how ever did you come up with the idea? My favorite is Batman and the glasses! Your daughters expression looks right on for Batman! So glad you shared your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – your creativity helped make the party a success!

  6. My comment above, please forgive me that I had a "mental moment". I wish I could of deleted this, and I would of corrected. With the heat being what it is around here, the egg on my face would be cooked by now. your yard is really very pretty! :-{

  7. Hi JoAnne,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog because now I have found yours. I love this cute blog of yours.


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