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Hello, everyone!

I'm Mari from Arcadian Home blog, a wonderful place to find lots of interior design inspiration including fabulous ideas for lighting from bathroom light fixtures to lovely little wall sconces. I'm so excited to be visiting with you here at A Pocketful of Blue with a guest post about charming farmhouse bathrooms.

For your decorating inspiration, I've pulled together some of my favorite country bathroom designs from across the United States and around the world. It seems just about every country has its own treasured farmhouses. Please enjoy!

Farmhouse Bath

This farmhouse style bath in the guest house of a San Juan Islands, Washington, compound shows the beauty of simplicity that is evident in many country bathrooms. A white clawfoot tub is the centerpiece of the room's design.

Farmhouse Bath

The bathroom of a country home called Casa Atmella in Spain is a wonderful mix of rustic and contemporary. One of my favorite elements is the use of baskets instead of the requisite drawers we have come to expect in American bathrooms. I also love the large swing arm wall lamps.

Farmhouse Bath

Designer Sarah Richardson created this lovely farmhouse main bath. Gray and yellow make for a wonderful country color scheme. The clawfoot tub has a sunny yellow finish. Don't you wish we could see more? I love the pretty floral draperies.

Farmhouse Bath

Here's another pretty farmhouse bath from Sarah Richardson. See how beautifully a contemporary soaking tub fits seamlessly into a country space?

Farmhouse Bath

A Brooklyn, New York, brownstone bath gets a touch of farmhouse style. My favorite element is the door that came to this city home by way of a sheep barn in the country. This one shows that great farmhouse style can work in just about any style home.

Farmhouse Bath

Now on to Sonoma County, California. Influenced by South Africa's Cape Dutch farmhouse style, this country home is a charming mix of styles. For instance, in the master bath, a reclaimed cast-iron tub, Chinese antique stool eighteenth century wardrobe and Thomas O'Brien modern pendant lights merge to create a lovely farmhouse look.

Farmhouse Bath

Remember the plain farmhouse bath in our first image above? From Morrells Farmhouse in Johannesburg, South Africa, here's a fancy bathroom that also includes a white clawfoot tub, but is dressed up with lovely drapes and an ornate crystal chandelier. That takes us from plain to fancy in seven farmhouse bathrooms.

Farmhouse Bath

From a charming bed and breakfast in the south of France, this rustic outdoor shower with galvanized tub has to be my favorite farmhouse bath ever.

We hope you've enjoyed our little tour of farmhouse bathrooms from around the United States and the world. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you think of these farmhouse baths? Leave us your thoughts below and be sure to surf over to our website for more home decor and lighting inspirations!


  1. Just love the simplicity of farmhouse styled bathrooms. I did gather a few ideas from looking at your shared images. Thank you.

  2. I enjoyed seeing all that you gathered here. Thanks!

  3. Lots of beautiful baths! Love free standing tubs...

  4. Love the rustic tub i France.


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