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World Market always seems to carry a lot of things that I like
 especially kitchen items.
   A couple weeks ago they had a coupon for 25% off of everything so I decided
to treat myself and make a few small purchases.
( btw ~ this is not a paid post ~ just sharing some things I like )

I've always thought these Weck jars were cute so I put one of these in my basket.
They come in different sizes and this is the largest one.
I love all kinds of jars and the fact that they have so many uses.
( It actually comes with an orange rubber ring around the top but I removed it )
sale price $4.49

Another purchase was this measuring cup.
I like its unusual shape and the graphics on the front and inside.
 sale price $3.74

Isn't this cake plate adorable with its scalloped edge?
It comes in three sizes and this is the smallest.
 sale price $7.49

I also picked up one of these chair cushions for my black rocking chair.
I really like the color and texture of the fabric.
( the photo shows sort of a weird wavy pattern towards the front
 of the cushion that is not actually there )
sale price $12.74

So now I know you're dying to see what I did with my purchases, right?

The Weck jar is on my little table in the corner of our dining area.
I have a feeling that it's one of those things that will be moving around a lot!

The cake stand and measuring cup are together on
 my kitchen shelves.

And here is the real shocker ~ the chair cushion is on the chair!!
Scandalous, I know!

So for under $30, I got a few little things to give my kitchen area a little
spring/summer pick-me-up.
These changes may or may not have prompted some other changes
but that will be for another day.
You know what they say - Another day, another decorating change!

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you're having another
 decorating good day!

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  1. What great finds at World Market. I love the measuring cup and plate stand together, what a pretty scalloped edge. Your corner table vignette is very pretty as well!

  2. Great finds! Love the measuring looks so good on the cake stand. Also love the glass jar. Wish there was a World Market near me. I've only been to one a year or so ago and I really liked the store.

  3. I like every single one of your excellent purchases.

    Sometimes we just gotta spoil ourselves just a tiny little bit, don't we?

    : - )

  4. I love the big glass jar I had no idea it was so large. Perfect pieces, you deserve them.

  5. That jar is awesome!! It looked tiny in the first picture...that is a pretty substantial piece! I love little shopping trips! Sometimes, they have the biggest impact!

  6. The measuring cup is just too sweet. I'd have scooped it up without a second thought!

  7. I love small shopping splurges and you got some great treasures there!

  8. I love World Market also, but don't get there often. The vignette with the cake stand is so sweet! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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