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Hi everyone! My name is Anna Smith and today I will be sharing with you some of my ideas for a perfect cottage style bathroom décor. You may follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus.

7 Cottage Style Bathroom Decor Ideas

Cottage style décor is all about comfort and aesthetics merging seamlessly into a cozy and comfortable home; perfect for family and yet welcoming to guests. Fitting out your bathroom in cottage style décor has never been easier and it is a great way to make the most of a small bathroom even as you save money and time compared to more complicated and expensive décor styles. But never fear, no matter how tiny your budget is, your cottage bathroom will look a million dollars!

1 Let in the Day!

Maximize the natural light in the room by covering large windows with privacy friendly blinds or curtains that allow a great deal of sunshine to flood the room. If the bathroom is in a poor location, consider investing in some bulbs that replicate daylight so as to help everyone using the bathroom to feel alert and wide-awake!

2 See Shells and Driftwood!

Use small knickknacks and ornaments that smack of the sea to give your bathroom just a hint of the ocean. This can help your bathroom to appear as though it belongs to a seaside cottage, with the waves lapping just over there, behind that dune…

3 Natural Matters

Imagine that you are one of very few people in your region and that you have had to create your own décor products from the materials that you find to hand, such as stone and wood. Fill your bathroom with products that hint at this resourceful way of life (you do not have to go quarrying or cut trees down, just make it look as though you could!) to create a rustic, yet practical and attractive bathroom.

4 Claw Foot Tub

 Add a strong sense of nostalgia to your bathroom by sourcing an old-fashioned claw footed tub for your bathroom. Not only are these fantastic focal points, but they are likely to be enormous full-sized baths, perfect for lengthy leisurely soaks!

5 Mirrors on Life

Similarly, keep your eyes peeled in charity shops, at car boots sales and at auctions for ornate and old fashioned mirrors, i.e. a round mirror, with an antique frame is wonderful to see your face framed in and is a great accent to the décor, completing and polishing your cottage style.

6 Pay Attention to the Small Stuff

In a bathroom there is not much room and just one or two tiny discrepancies in the color scheme or décor style can disrupt the look of the whole room. If you are going to decorate your bathroom, then make sure that you follow through with the style, down to even the tiniest details! For example a bottle of hand wash, left in its original packaging and just plopped down on the shelf can be transformed into a thing of beauty by decanting the liquid into a bottle from a bathroom accessory set.

7 Freestanding is Outstanding!

  Cottage décor really benefits from the addition of some freestanding storage units. Obviously, this may not work for everyone, but if you have enough space to fit one, you cannot go wrong with a full sized, deep bookcase in lieu of a more traditional, designed-for-the-bathroom unit. This dates back to the days before the built-in cupboard and gives you much greater scope for rearranging your bathroom quickly, should the desire take you! We’re guessing that you will love your cottage style bathroom décor so much that this will never arise!


  1. I love them all!! Love that dresser turned pretty!!

  2. I would love any of those beautiful bathrooms, but my little cottage came with an even littler bathroom. We did put in a pedestal sink, but one day I would love a free standing tub.

  3. Shame I live in a super modern property as I love this natural look, very homely and cozy

  4. Shame I live in a super modern property as I love this natural look, very homely and cozy


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