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Cottages at the Beach

I'm unpacking and catching up on laundry since returning from  our annual vacation with my husband's family. We always have a great time and I love that we have this tradition. It's such a cute little beach town and I always enjoy taking long walks and looking at the charming houses. Want to come along?

The house above has its red, white and blue going on  all ready to celebrate. Adirondack chairs always look great and I think they look very inviting on the front porch.

I like how neat and tidy this pretty blue house looks. The landscaping isn't anything extravagant but it looks great. In the picture below you can see the pretty, soft light green on the screened door and the same color is on the door to the house as well.

Here's another screened door that is just so charming. The little spindles in the center are painted the two  colors of the house - such a great idea.

The red door on this house really stands out. A lot of the houses have screened in porches on t…


Just popping in with a few things I'm loving around the house this week.

~ fresh, juicy peaches ~

~ the little wreath I bought at Lucketts ~

~ my asparagus fern that's actually growing ~

~ a kitty that drinks his water with his paw ~

~ and some dried peonies ~

What are you loving this week?

♡   ♡   ♡

Have A Wonderful Weekend Everyone!

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  1. I love fresh peaches! I am loving that my Easter Lilies are finally blooming and my roses are in full bloom. I love that I got to spend two days taking care of my two youngest grandchildren:) life is good!

  2. This week...I'm loving my new ticking curtains, new glasses that I picked out today, and loving my two little Yorkie puppies that are my little shadows.

  3. Each and every picture is precious, JoAnne! The peaches are making me wonder when ours will be ripe and juicy...not til later July I'm sure. Can't wait! :)

    Jane xx

  4. Who doesn't love a kitty who drinks with a paw! ;) That picture just made me smile! Thanks!

  5. I find very modern almost futuristic, bravo for design! And thank you for sharing.

  6. Love your new wreath and those peaches sure do look yummy! Your kitty is so cute! Does he always drink from his paw? I love that his water bowl is aqua. : )

  7. Those peaches look delish! We have a kitty that drinks with her paw, too! Yours is so cute! :)

  8. Hi Joanne,
    I am so very pleased to meet you! Your pics have made me smile today! I do appreciate you visiting me and leaving such kind words! Happy July 4th and Happy Canada Day! Karen

  9. I like all of your "favorite things" this week! It's a good idea to take stock in what it good in our lives from time to time.

  10. I love your kitty! She (or he) looks a lot like my little girl kitty Oreo. It is a good day when you can look at the things you love and know how lucky you are.

  11. I am so pleased to find your log through Goodbye House Hello Home. Where can I find dried Peonies? Love yours. Great photos.


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