I'm never sure exactly what to call this area of our house.
It's next to the kitchen and it's our only dining area but it's not 
really a dining room.  
So I have decided to call it our dining nook.
Now that we have that settled, I would like to show you
how I decorated it for the holidays.

Much of what I decorated with this year isn't specifically for Christmas 
but I used things that have a winter or Christmas feel to them.

So I put together a vignette on our table using green and red
and still incorporating my favorite blue.

In the corner above my little table, a wooden star hangs 
from my bird hook.

We keep this little lamp on all of the time in the winter
and I like the way it casts a glow on the star.

I especially love the addition of the pomegranates.
They're such a pretty shade of rosy red.

Thank you for taking a look at our dining nook.

I'll be back soon with more of my Christmas decorating for this year.

Have a wonderful day!
- joining -


  1. Well, no matter WHAT you call that area it is just adorable, JoAnne. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how soft and sweet the room feels and that pitcher is a GREAT piece. The pomegranates make a nice little pop of color in there. xo Diana

  2. I pinned the photo of the cute little table and the lamp on my To Do pinterest board. I love the plant hanging down the table and have just the spot for a plant in my house. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Very Sweet Joanne. Enjoy your week end.

  4. I enjoy seeing your decor and your home. So pretty all the time. I'm a blue lover as well. I just purchased some pretty blue velvet clip on poinsettia ornaments for my tree at pier1. I love them
    Happy holidays .!. Please keep showing us your lovely home

  5. Hi JoAnne,

    I loved the furniture and the sweet details. Congratulations on decor.

    A big hug!


  6. SO pretty...for the holidays or any day!! :)

  7. So pretty...and I agree for the holidays or any day!

  8. Love the sweet little vignette!

  9. Pretty! Pomegranates are such beautiful little additions. The snowflake hanging up there is perfect too.

  10. What a pretty spot. Perfect and warm.


  11. So pretty JoAnne, I love the color of the pomegranates too. It looks so fresh with the greenery and pomegranate, and the little lamp is nice and cozy for the holidays!

  12. oh wow -! everything looks so pretty !!

  13. How pretty that area is! I love that blue and white pitcher. I like the simplicity of your décor with a hint of red from the pomegranites.

  14. I just love this look! It is very lovey and cute too!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Very pretty! The pomegranates are well framed by your white cottage furniture!

  16. That nook looks so cosy, bright and welcoming. I love all the white you used in the furniture: it allows you to decorate in so many different ways. My dining-room isn't a separate room either, laybe I should call it a dining nook as well.

  17. I like winter decorating, so you have something that lasts beyond the Christmas season! Thanks for linking up to the 12 Days of Christmas Tour Party!

  18. Oh it looks like a lovely Scandinavian Christmas scene!

    I wanted to thank you for your kindness and friendship. My wish is that your holiday season is filled with peace, love and joy. May you and yours be blessed with health and happiness in the new year.

  19. JoAnne the pomegranates are a lovely pop of red during the Christmas season. What a pretty vignette!

  20. Dear Joanne, beautifully done and so lovely with the star and the pomegranates!!
    Thanks so much for sharing with us!

    The Arts by Karena

  21. Que bonito post.Me ha encantado tu post, tienes cosas muy interesantes, felicidades por tu bloc. Te invito a visitar el mio, esta semana ponemos espíritu navideño en el exterior, espero que te guste. Ah! Si no eres seguidora deseo que te hagas, gracias por visitarme.Te espero en

  22. I like how you have mixed a little of Christmas in with your own decor! The pomegranates give a nice festive touch! I used to decorate my mantel with fruit and they used to last the longest.

    I have a dining nook, too. Our living room and kitchen are open to each other and the table sits in the middle in front of a bay window. Odd, but it works!

    Hope to see more of your Christmas Merry Making!

    Jane xx

  23. their decoration is beautiful, soooo simple and festive !!! I love the blue and white pot !!! love greetings and Merry Christmas wishes from Germany angie


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