I think a lot of us love Scandinavian style decorating
but I think it is especially beautiful for Christmas.

It's characterized by a beautiful simplicity.

Elements from nature are used quite often.

You see a lot of white and green with a little red slipped in occasionally.

Isn't this little guy below just the sweetest thing?

Simple and yet, elegant.

Add some little numbered tags to some silver candlesticks.

Or a sprig of spruce to some white candles.

What could be more simple, inexpensive and lovely?
Do you love Scandinavian style for Christmas too?


  1. I think Scandanavian style is my all time favorite, yet I don't have it in my world. Weird, but true - but it is always what pleases me the most looking at it.

    I LOVE the idea of the numbered Advent Candles - great idea. Hard to believe next Sunday is week 3 already. Where is the time going?

    I love your post- you rounded up some mighty pretty images to makes me want to redo my entire home.

  2. Oh- I DO love it, JoAnne. I am going so much simpler this year than I ever have and it feels really good. I love the sweet simplicity of all the pictures you showed here. xo Diana

  3. ps, JoAnne. I just wanted to tell you Thank You for allowing me to be on your sidebar. I keep forgetting to tell you that I really appreciate it!

  4. Everything is so pretty!! Love the simple beauty of it all.

  5. I love the Scandinavian style of decorating, not just because my grandmother was born in Norway, but because I love the simplicity.

    I follow a lot of Norwegian women on Instagram and they are now featuring every picture with candles and darkness because now their days are 24 hours without sun. If it wasn't for that, I would love to live in Norway.

  6. It all looks beautiful, you created a peaceful feel about the whole look. Pinning!!

  7. I agree, this is such a pretty style for Christmas. I love the sparse little trees and the simple, yet beautiful decor. Everything looks so fresh!

  8. I love the pictures, so pretty and just adore the silver candlesticks.

  9. Beautiful and so serene.

  10. Yes. Very pretty. I just hung white batten burg lace trimmed curtains in my kitchen. Love them.

  11. Beautiful! What color are your walls and molding/baseboards?

  12. JoAnne. Everything is just gorgeous.

  13. Yes! I've never decorated in that style exactly because our Christmas decorations are collected over the last 28 years of marriage. I love how clean and crisp the Scandinavian look is.

  14. Lovely inspiration! My fvourite style for Christmas!


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