We have been working on sprucing up our second floor hallway.
New doors and railing were added back when the bathroom was remodeled
and we finally got new carpet just a couple weeks ago.
The bookcase at the top of the stairs got a fresh coat of paint.

Since this is really the kids floor,
I wanted to style the bookcase with their books and things that have
special memories for them while looking nice at the same time (for me).

I tried to stick with the colors red, white and blue
as much as possible for somewhat of a cohesive look.

"Harry Potter" and "Star Wars" were big hits at our house.

Both of my kids made a ceramic turtle in 4th grade so I included those.

They loved the "Diary Of A Wimpy Kid" books.

Using baskets and containers to group some items
helped to keep it looking organized and not too cluttered.

And here are the darlings now looking so happy and appreciative
that their mother put so much time and effort into
styling their bookcase - ha ha!


  1. Looks great Joanne. That's a fun spot for a book case and especially the way you've styled it. I love your new carpet.

  2. I love that you kept a colour scheme.

  3. I'd like to just lie down on the carpet and start reading! The bookcase looks great and I'm sure the kids appreciate having special things closeby.

  4. I love to play around with book shelves. So many different ways to decorate them.

  5. Looking quite fetching Mom, good job getting favorite goodies on book case but making it look so gorgeous and organized. Baskets are great for organizing and looking pretty on top of it.
    We have some shelves in living room in a niche that previously housed really ugly cabinet when we moved in. Hubs took the ugly out and put in shelves. I'm going to paint backs of shelves this Spring/summer, just have to get the bug and do it. What color, not sure but will hopefully look better.
    Am always rearranging different types of things on those shelves. Pretty soon it's going to be my vintage pastel colored planters/vases and that will be it for Spring/summer, (maybe). Right now it's housing several of my metal/wire bird cages and some of my jadeite. I could spend hours rearranging shelves.
    I love your new carpet, the design is very nice and soothing, makes rooms look bigger? Happy for you to get new carpet. How long had you waited for it? Oh how I'd love to rip out awful stuff we have. There's lino under it all but hubs won't let me take it out. Where we don't have the ugly carpet we have ceramic tile which is so darned cold in winter.
    Enjoy your hard work and your lovely new carpet, am wildly envious but you deserve it.
    Happy weekend

  6. The kids bookshelves look great! I love how you decorated with their favorite toys and books. I really like your new carpet too!

    Love the photo of your kids!


  7. I love how neat your bookshelves are, and we have the same collections here! I really need to do the same thing for our bookshelves since they're pretty much just overflowing.

  8. That looks great! So organized and visually appealing. Stopped by via Amaze Me Monday
    Amy @

  9. Love the bookcase design, so inviting. Saw your feature at Brenda's Cozy Little House - congrats!

  10. I like how you styled the bookcases. Your new carpet looks great too! We need new carpet upstairs too. We have put it off forever though because it's such a major chore to deal with. Btw, I've never seen such happy kids before! LOL!

  11. That picture of your kids tells the whole story lol My daughter won't even pose for me anymore.

    The shelves look great and my kids had the same taste in books :)


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