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With spring here, I am dreaming of a few more things I would like
to do to the front of our house to add more of the cottage charm that I love.

For a long time, I have wanted a new front door.
The one we have is okay, just not really my style and I don't
think it fits the style of our house all that well.

I have found two styles of front doors that I like
so I used Picmonkey to help me visualize how they would look.
And just for fun, I added a pendant light, shutters, paint on the porch
and some pretty flowers which are all things I would like as well.
You know how it is - the list goes on and on!

No. 1

No. 2

No. 3

No. 4

Do you have a favorite out of these four options?
Of course the color possibilities are endless.

I'm trying to talk hubby into a new front door as my Mother's Day gift.
Maybe you can help me convince him.
I can't wait to hear what you think!

- joining -


  1. I love your home, it does look so cottage!! I love door #1:)

  2. Door #1 goes perfect with your stone!

  3. #3 Love the windows to let in lots of natural light. Of course your door needs to be blue!

  4. They all look great, but #2 is my fave! :)

  5. You have a beautiful home! I love #4!!

  6. First of all the exterior of your home is so charming and adorable! I just love it! I agree, a new cottage style front door would really enhance your entry. They say the front entry is one of the best places to make improvements. Hmm... I think I'm talking myself into a new front door too. lol I love them all!

  7. First of all the exterior of your home is so charming and adorable! I just love it! I agree, a new cottage style front door would really enhance your entry. They say the front entry is one of the best places to make improvements. Hmm... I think I'm talking myself into a new front door too. lol I love them all!

  8. I pick #2 or blue!

  9. I like #4. I would think about how much light you need coming in and also privacy. Really any of those choices would be beautiful. I think a pendant light is a great idea too. That would finish it off nicely.

  10. I love #3! The colour is perfect for you!

  11. I love #4! I am going to be painting our shutters and front door too. I think we are going with Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue.

  12. I like 2 and, with 4 being my first choice


  13. I think it should be a blue door and I like #3.

  14. 2 or 4…the blue might be more fun now but you could tire of it. I prefer the higher windows; I have a similar door but a fan window.

  15. I like 2 & 4 for design and for security reasons. If a burglar breaks a pane of glass in your door, it would be more difficult for him to unlock your front door if you have the higher glass panes. There's some interesting information online about how to make our doors more secure.

  16. After reading what Bev said number #4. THat is exactly what my kids did when they got locket out. Not sure about he color. A house that I drive by just painted their door a real light blue. They put some pillos on their porch chairs with the same color. It sure caught my eye.

  17. Love number #2 it looks perfect for your style home. Love the color too. Good luck with your decision I know whatever you pick JoAnne it will be cottage pretty.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. #4. I like less glass (& more solid) on your porch. The blue is a lovely contrast color.

  20. I like door #2 the best. Love that color too. Can't wait to see which door you pick.

  21. LOVE the style of #2 and #4...I think #4 would add a nice pop of color!

  22. I like #2 the best. I think it fits the style of your home. We used to have a window, siding and door company and I would choose two because of the size of your windows. You door should have an equal proportion of window to solid door that your windows have in their settings. That being said - the color that matches will blend seamlessly and make it appear "richer", if that makes sense. Adding color gives it more of a "cottage" type feel which is always fun, too. You really can't go wrong with anything you have picked here. You should go with what you love and what appeals to you the most.
    Can't wait to see what you decide. xo Diana

  23. Hi JoAnne, My favorite is #2 and I would pick a color or a hue of it that already appears somewhere else in the house face. If you would like a pop of color, I'd rather paint the bench and plant some blue flowers. It's less expensive to change such things when you get tired of the color.

  24. My favorite....hands #4!!

  25. #3 is my choice - in blue! That door is similar to mine and it lets in a lot of light. Of course, whatever you choose should be blue! Beautiful with your stone. And so you!

  26. Love #2. The 9-light doors seem more appropriate for a side or back door. The 6-light doors seem cozy yet a little more formal. Love the grey with your stone. I would go for the blue but think it a bit pastelly. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  27. I love number 3, maybe a hair darker in shade. I think two is more mission style than 1and 3. I also like the light. Right now I'm struggling with paint colors...its the hardest thing about decorating!

  28. Number 3 is the one whether blue or the darker grayish color. Just today I looked at a similar door for our house and fell in love with it.

  29. #2 STYLE!! Maybe in a burgundy color?
    #1/3 style looks like a door we had in 1980!!

  30. Really liking the style and color of #4.

  31. I love #3: the color AND all the windows!

  32. JoAnne,
    I personally love #1 and the color is the color of my front and back doors! I appreciate your visit and sweet comment on my Junk Chic Cottage spotlight post. I'm now following you.

  33. The third one immediately! Go, three!

  34. All of them look great, but my vote (albeit late) is #4 :)


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