December 4, 2014

Christmas Mantel Featuring Snow Globes

Like many of you, I have been busy this week
decorating for Christmas.
Here's a look at our fireplace.
It took a lot of tweaking until I was happy with it.

I really didn't have a set plan.  Every year I seem to want to do 
things differently, so sometimes it takes me forever to
decide what should go where.

I love snow globes so I put some of my own together.
I think this Santa is so regal looking.

❊   ❊   ❊

More snow globes ~ thank goodness for epsom salt, right?

❊   ❊   ❊

These topiaries add some height and are just the right size
for my shallow mantel.

Even the logs in my Ol' Man Winter's bucket got
dressed up with a ribbon.

I think the quilt on the bench adds some coziness, but don't
worry, I'll move it before we start a fire!

I'm loving all of the beautiful and creative decorations around blogland.
I hope you are all enjoying the season so far.
Thanks so much for taking a look at our fireplace!

- joining -


  1. Lovely mantel and your snow globes are adorable!

  2. JoAnne your mantle looks so pretty! I love how you filled your mason jars and that santa looks so pretty in the covered jar filled with snow!

  3. Everything is so pretty and I love the snow globes!!

  4. the mantel . . . the snow globes . . . the topiaries . . . the bucket . . . love it all!

  5. I love the mantel, JoAnne! Simply perfect. Enjoy the rest of your decorating; I cannot wait to see it all.

  6. JoAnne,
    Your mantel is so pretty. Love the softness to your decor. Very nice.

  7. I am really loving the simplicity of your mantel, very very nice. I've been making some snow globes also as that's almost all I can get hold of for now. Your snow globes are so pretty. Seeing what glass containers you used has given me some more ideas. I got bunch of little village figures at $tree this week, making some globes to sell at craft show on 13th. The person in charge hasn't let me know yet if we got in, the show is 13th. kinda cutting it close. I've kept making things in case we did get in juried show. We even had to buy a business license.
    Your mantel looks so soft and very easy on the eyes. Think that's going to be my way to decorate this year. Just not into all the mess and cayause with so much in house. Our house is small so not room for much. With the light gray on walls and other accessories the red/green just isn't making it in my mind. I've decorated our shutter shelf somewhat. Got some white faux fur at JoAnn's with coupon so will put that on shelf and maybe trestle table where our tree goes.
    I used Epsom salts in my globes and sprinkled clear glitter on top, mixed it in some. Do you glue your figures in? They do tend to fall over doggone it. Have you used the glass glitter?

    If you choose to reply please do so to my email address. Thank you.

  8. Snow globes are one of my favorite things at Christmas. Yours are so sweet!

  9. I just love the sweet charm of your mantel this year! The homemade snow globes are so cute. I've never made any before but every time I see one I think I should try it. I love the sweet wreath you hung above the fireplace too.

  10. I love how you managed to keep some blue in your Christmas mantle. It is very well balanced, conveys the idea of Christmas without clichés, well done!

  11. So pretty, JoAnne! I love the simplicity of your mantel with the quaint wreath hanging there. The quilt, the bucket, all of it comes together perfectly. I love that it's not overdone.

  12. Your mantel is so pretty JoAnne. I love the blues up there and how simple everything is. Together, it is all perfect!