A couple days ago, I got an idea to re-accessorize our mantel.
After taking down the Christmas decorations,
I hadn't done anything with it and it was looking pretty blah.

I wanted to see how this black wire basket would look and I 
liked it so that was my starting point.

Then I just pulled things from around the house or from my little
 stash that were black and white as well as a little greenery.

After playing around for awhile, I came up with an arrangement
that I'm pretty happy with.
I used a cloth napkin with black stripes to soften the hard
lines of the mantel.

I like how the colors tie in with the black and white of the fireplace.
I think I'll be happy with this for a little while . . . wink, wink!

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  1. Your mantel vignette looks great!:)

  2. I LOVE it! I've started using a bit of black here and there in my living to off-set the big, black TV on the entertainment center and I'm finding that I really do enjoy adding it to my decor. Your basket with the number just gave me a wonderful idea! I bought two wire baskets at my neighbor's garage sale. They have round pieces where something was glued on and had been taken off. I've thought a lot about what I want to paint on there and didn't have a clue - until I saw your basket. I think a number would be a great idea. Thanks for inspiring me. You always do!

  3. Well I just love that! The plant inside the basket is such a cute idea. You've got fun colors and texture up there.

  4. I like it! It looks clean and peaceful. Very pretty.

  5. Your mantel looks amazing. I love using black and white this time of the year too. The pop of green is very refreshing.

  6. Love the vignette on your mantel.!! I have both of those baskets too.

  7. What a pretty fireplace! Love the mantel vignette.

  8. love the colors and the mix of decorations.

  9. It looks very Spring-y!

  10. Love this - every room needs a little black and white!!

  11. Our mantle is still blah after Christmas... thanks for the inspiration!

  12. I love how you used greenery in your black and white decor. It brings a nice touch, maybe hinting at spring!

  13. very pretty! I love the simplicity~~~i need to do something with mine too! Blessings~~~Roxie

  14. I love touches of black for decorating. It helps to make everything else pop out. You did a great job!
    Blessings, Diane (Visiting from Imparting Grace)

  15. looks glad to find following along...I'm really liking how you placed the basket on its side...please come by and check out my blog...have a great day, Mariaelena


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