One thing I'm always trying to work on is my photography skills.
I have a long way to go but here are five things I have learned about taking
 pictures for my blog.

No. 1  Lighting

Something I heard over and over when I started my blog was to never use 
the flash on your camera.  And yet, having enough light is a key element to
good photography.  Natural light is best but here in Ohio, with our gray days, that
can be a challenge.  If I have to, I pull in lamps from other rooms to provide enough light.
When we do have a sunny day, I try to use it to my advantage and take whatever photos I can that day.

No. 2  Look For or Create Interesting

When I saw this old garage with the vines growing across its weathered shingles,
I thought it would make a wonderful picture.

You can also create your own composition like the little vase of flowers sitting
 on the books and just the edge of the old cupboard door showing in the corner.

No. 3  Take Your Photos From
 an Unusual Angle

I took this photo from the side rather than facing the front.

 And this photo was taken at an angle with the symmetry 
of the old wooden spools in mind.

No. 4  Take Close Up Shots

You can get some really wonderful pictures by zooming in really close
like in the following two photos.

Just play around and see what you come up with.

No. 5  Use Photo Editing Software

Take advantage of photo editing software to enhance your photos.
I almost always lighten my pictures a little bit and I also do a lot of cropping to
 take advantage of the best part of the photo or to emphasize the focal point.

I'm not even close to being a photography expert and I still have a ton to learn,
but these are things I have learned over time that have helped me.
I hope some of these tips might help you too.

Thanks A Bunch For Visiting!


  1. Beautiful eggs in a basket photo! And of course I love the building with the ivy.

  2. I agree with all five points and your photos all illustrate the wisdom of your advice!

  3. I'll add my tip: Don't take a photo full center. Take it to the side, off edge. More interesting. Or you can simply crop it that way.

  4. Thank you for the tips....I need a new camera too!! Your pics are beautiful~~~I love the outdoor winter scene! Blessings~~~Roxie

  5. One thing that always draws me to your blog is your photos. I almost feel that I'm right there beside you and I'm sure I can hear you tell me the stories behind the things you have to share. I'm curious what camera you have and if you have different lenses.

  6. You always have such beautiful pictures. Thanks for the great tips.

  7. I think your pictures are always beautiful! Thanks for the tips, I can use them!

  8. Great Tips JoAnne. I agree the natural light is the best. I try to get my pictures done too when the sun is shining. Love all your pretty pictures always. Have a great week end.

  9. Hi JoAnne,

    Thanks for the tips! I love shooting, but it is the hardest part of making a blog ...





  10. I think these are some wonderful suggestions, JoAnne!

  11. You do take great pictures and nobody would ever guess that you are living with dark days. Photography is something I really struggle with.


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