January 24, 2015


Lately, I've been itching for something different for a table centerpiece.

So when I was in Walmart recently, I saw some bushes of artificial carnations
for $8.00 each.  Each bush had 8 carnations on it, so I bought two.

I cut the bushes into individual stems to make my arrangement.
I simply placed the stems in my Ikea white enamel pitcher and played
around with them until I was happy with the look.

Then I added a cream colored burlap ribbon around the pitcher,
just tying it in a knot.

I really like the texture that the burlap ribbon adds and
also how the shades of white and cream look together.
So easy and inexpensive too!
It's also nice that it's lightweight and simple to remove from
the table when it's time for dinner.

Have you done any quick and easy projects lately?

Thanks A Bunch For Visiting!


  1. Those look so real! I haven't done as much lately as I should. Getting my groove back though.

  2. I'm really starting to get into the soothing look of white, creams, and neutrals--it definitely has a calming effect. Such a pretty bouquet!

  3. I love your centerpiece. I'm working on one for my table, too. I bought flowers at the Dollar Tree and I think I'll take them back and trade for a different color. Maybe. Thanks for sharing your table with us.

  4. very pretty JoAnne...love the addition of the burlap ribbon!

  5. Love the flowers in your white pitcher...they really do look like real flowers and the burlap ribbon is the perfect touch. It looks so pretty on your table.

  6. This is so simple and pretty, JoAnne! I have the same pitcher from Ikea and I have never filled it with anything. Isn't that weird? I have to come up with some thing like this. So great!

    Jane xx

  7. the burlap is a nice addition!

  8. Simple and easy are always the best way:)

  9. That looks so light, fresh, and cheery!

  10. They are so pretty JoAnne. Simple and pretty is the best way to go.

  11. Don't you love it that simple is the best and most times the prettiest decoration you could find? Your pitcher got my eye and the carnations do look real, great idea. Burlap ribbon is great for adding that little touch, makes such a difference. I've noticed that white burlap is not white most times, more a cream color which is perfect. Enjoy your lovely centerpiece.
    I'm going to have to visit the IKEA site so I can look for white pitchers. No IKEA here at all. Happy week

  12. The ribbon just makes it fabulous!

  13. I like everything: white carnations, the pitcher and the burlap ribbon.