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I have a love for farmhouse style . . .






    ~ nothing like it to evoke the feeling of comfort, warmth, home 
~ thoughts of simpler times 
~ down to earth 

Do you love it as much as I do?

~ JoAnne

~ joining ~


  1. Yes I do! Beautiful inspiration! Thanks for linking up to Farmhouse Friday!

  2. My reflection is less hard ... more realistic but to see with a wink ;)

    Your 5th pic is my absolute favorite. I love the combination between modern style and old industrie!!! Thanks for sharing these pictures.


  3. would I LOVE to have those walls.....OH YESS!!!!!
    such texture and interest. White and dreamy so I could accent with light :*~pink:*~ falling in love with the farm house #3 aaaah move me in!


  4. Great farmhouse inspiration!

  5. Anonymous8/11/2011

    Gorgeous photos!! I just found your blog through Laurie Anna, it is so beautiful!
    Have a lovely day.


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