Farmhouse With a Modern Edge

Hi Everyone,

Sometimes I find myself drawn to farmhouse architecture that has a bit of a modern edge.  I think maybe it appeals to my sense of order, organization, everything in its place.  The modern farmhouse has more of a clean line look and a little less fussiness...

~ see what you think ~





Do any of these homes appeal to you?
Are you saying...."ooh, aah"
or......."yucky, blucky"?

In reality, I think I need a little more fuss, a little more of the cozy feeling that traditional farmhouses evoke, but still, there is something about this style that catches my eye. I can't quite put my finger on it.
Do you know what it is?  

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LaurieAnna's Vintage Home


  1. I love them all, Joanne! I like the mix of old and new because we sometimes think of farmhouses as run down. At least those are my feelings.

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures!


  2. The second one and the last one...I can relate to those two the other not so much..I think they still give you a sense of old fashioned but with a clean look. And those have some nice windows for light...Happy Thursday...

  3. Popping over from Laurie Anna's blog party. I like the first and last homes pictured. I don't like the sixth home at all. Understand the draw to clean,simple lines similar to those in historic colonial homes.


  4. I do like some of them and think that part of the new farmhouse style is a simpler look than all of the fuss of shabby chic. The key is finding your own balance...that is what I am working on...enough frou-frou to be me but definitely simpler...great post!

  5. Like them all especially the 2 drawings of 2 bldgs with dog runs between the bldgs. Thanks for sharig.

  6. I love the photos! Clean and crisp yet nostalgic. Not too fussy but not too modern!


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