Hi Everyone,

Do you see what I see?

How about here ...

... or here?

Yep, that's right - NOTHING!  

Oh how I love it when I can have the house all picked up and it can
 actually stay that way for more than 30 seconds!  

It does wonders for my sense of peace and I can feel a wave of calmness 
wash over me.  For me, it's better than a massage I tell you!

I have always liked things to be in order, uncluttered.  
My mind feels cluttered and chaotic when my surroundings are a mess.
Even as a child, if I went to a friends house and their playroom was 
messy I would clean it up!
Their parents must have thought I was such a weird kid ~ 
but for some reason, they kept inviting me back!

I adore my kids, but now that they are back in school, 
I can have a picked up house for at least a small
portion of the day... it's the best therapy for me to recharge and be ready
to see those wonderful faces again!

Thanks so much for visiting and listening . . . what do you do to relax and recharge?

~ ~ JoAnne


  1. Hi JoAnne,

    I am enjoying the same thing at my house. I can clean up a room and it will stay that way until 3PM when the kids get home. I feel relaxed when my house is in order - at least for part of the day!

    Lori : )
    Thrifty Decor Mom

  2. Oh, yes!! I love it too!! We're in the middle of our summer holidays now so it's not happening as often as I like but one of the things that makes me feel happy is seeing NOTHING!!!

    I'm your new follower!


  3. We all need to find our personal balance between clutter and calm. I cannot abide stuff on my work surface, if I'm not working on that project (work, cooking, card making,) I don't it on my surface. I don't want ANYthing on my work surface, even it's a pretty vase of flowers. The visual "noise" makes my mind swirl. The rest of the room can be a little cluttered and I'm fine.
    Best wishes keeping your surfaces this clean.


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