In The Kitchen

Today I felt inspired to share a few pictures of our kitchen.

I think it's fun to take pictures from different angles sometimes ~ to see the room in a different perspective.

I change things around in here more than any other room.

Probably because I spend so much time in here.

 Do you do that?

My daughter cut some daffodils from our yard for me this morning.

~ so sweet ~

I took these pictures right after it had rained.

I opend the kitchen window and 'The Boss' couldn't resist the chirping of the birds.

{ Of course I don't normally allow him on the counter ~ of course not! }

Have a wonderful weekend!!

~ JoAnne

~ joining ~


  1. Your kitchen is lovely. Very light and airy!


  2. You may not normally allow him up there but I bet he helps himself. :) My girl kitty sure does. I see her little paw prints on my dining room table. Your kitchen is beautiful. I do love looking at things from different angles. The artwork above your stove is really pretty.

  3. I had to come back and tell you...seeing a cat in a home just feels good to me. :)

  4. love the checkered pattern on the drawer. your kitchen is lovely and the cat looks like it might be the boss for real!

  5. Beautiful flowers, I wish spring would arrive here. I love your header, have been meaning to tell you that!

  6. I really like your kitchen, so open and airy and so many cute things to look at. Your kitty wouldn't be a kitty if it didn't jump on your counters. And guess what? My 28 pound dog lies on my kitchen table! lol!


  7. Beautiful! I also do that, of course, thanks for sharing


  8. Beautiful love your kitchen pictures. Very fresh bright and inviting.

  9. I love all your charming touches. And it looks like you have the perfect side-kick. No cottage is complete without a kitty!

  10. Loive the light airy feeling of the kitchen and I love the backsplash.


  11. What a lovely kitchen and I just adore your cat. Thanks for dropping by An Anglo in Québec. I am your newest follower and excited to peruse your blog this morning.

  12. I think your kitchen is so charming! It's very light and airy and fresh looking. Just as a kitchen should be. I know all about cats climbing on top of things. I think all cat owners have no choice but to let them. They are going to do it anyway! LOL!

  13. Hi, JoAnne! I'm a first time visitor to your blog! I found you at Show and Tell Friday (hey! I'm there, too!) and love finding new blogs to follow. Yes, I am now your newest follower! Your kitchen is very inviting and I even sneaked a peak at past posts to see the rest of your home. Just smitten with your stone facade! I will be in full decorating mode when we move to our little cottage and will love showing the progress of my changes with others. Thanks again for sharing and if you get a chance, I would love to have you visit my blog.. always love inviting people over for a look-see and a cup of tea!!

  14. Love your kitchen! Sweet daffodils and your kitty is precious! Hope you'll come by tomorrow to share at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  15. Hi JoAnne! Oh, your kitchen is just darling! Now that little kitty of yours steals the show! You know that, right? :) Didn't you just love that little Keith Partridge and all of his long slinky hair! :) That's one of my favorite songs from him.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. I love the raspberry artwork! I like your clear flour/sugar containers too. I have red ones now, but I'm kind of getting tired of them. I think I'd like clear better. Love, love, love seeing pics of the boss! My kitten just experienced an open window for the first time the other day. She loved it!


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