You may have to reach very far back in your memory
for this post from November, 2012 where 
I talked about our second floor remodel.
I barely remember it myself!

Sadly, this is not the big reveal but I do 
have some progress to show you.
We had some delays due to our framer and that's
all I'm going to say ~ I will keep my opinions
and snarky comments to myself ~ just sayin'!

The good news is that we are at the drywall stage 
so it's a lot easier to visualize how it's going to look.

We started out with this teeny, tiny and very old bathroom.
You can't tell from this picture, but because of the sloped ceiling,
you almost had to duck your head to take a shower.

This bathroom is right above our front door and entryway so
we had the idea to add a dormer on the second floor to
expand this bathroom.

This is what I showed you in November
after the work had begun.

And this is what we have now!
Standing in the doorway this is what you see.

On this side will be a double bowl vanity and a toilet.

Walk straight ahead and turn to the right . . .

. . . you will see the bath/shower combo.

This is standing by the tub looking back toward the sink area.

The outside of the house still looks
 the same but more work will be done
 on that staring next week.

I had to show you a couple staged pictures just for fun.
This will be our kids' bathroom so I want to
decorate it for them.

I found this subway art at Homegoods that I thought
was cute ~ not to mention some good reminders!

I just happened to have the blue towels handy for
these pics but I plan to use some of
the other colors for accents rather than blue.
Not everything can be blue you know. . . or can it?
(I think my kiddos have had enough blue!)

I hope to have more progress to show you very soon!!!

Thanks for checking out our remodel update!

~ JoAnne

~ joining these parties ~


  1. Your new space will be fabulous! The dormer was the perfect solution for a larger bathroom. You're going to love it, I think, and it'll be worth all the work it's taking to get there. Good luck with your continued project! :-)

  2. Wow, that is an ambitious project. It's going to look wonderful. I love the dormers on the roof of your home, and it looks like a new covered entrance too. That already adds a lot of charm to your home!

  3. it's looking so exciting! i think it completely transforms the front of your house too. cute accessories you found too...and there is nothing wrong with more beautiful pale blue! ;)

  4. so far so good! it will be worth it when all is done

  5. so far so good! it will be worth it when all is done

  6. This is beautiful! I love how the dormer/shed dormer is configured. Absolutely wonderful!

  7. Wonderful transformation--what a good idea. Is the whole dormer the bathroom? I couldn't quite tell from the inside shots. It looks great!

  8. You've made a lot of progress inside and out! I know you must be excited (and frustrated) to see it finished!! I love that you've thought ahead to how you are going to decorate it...I love the sign!


  9. That's a big, but exciting undertaking!

  10. I can't wait to see the bathroom all finished - I know it will be gorgeous! Love the subway art you found.


  11. Bless your heart, count to 10 and always ask our Lord for infinite patience cause you'll need it. Remodeling has never been a simple exercise it seems, according to people I've known and other bloggers. It's coming along and hope it will continue to. When it's finally done and you have a beautiful bathroom you can have a little talk with our Lord to thank him for helping you get it done and live thru a trying time. I have to say I'm not sure I could be as patient as you've had to be.

  12. JoAnne it's looking good! I love how much cute it makes the front of you house look. I'm sure you were wishing it was finished right now, but it won't be long now!

  13. How exciting! It's a great start! :)

  14. That is a great new space and is going to look wonderful, but even better is the character it adds to your home's exterior. Some serious curb appeal once the construction is finished. Great thinking! Love the sign- it would be perfect for my young teens' bathroom.

  15. Wow! How exciting! You have a bigger second floor now! What are you planning to build in this area? Perhaps, a guest room or a new master bedroom? Whatever you choose to build here will look awesome! Good luck on your new second floor renovation project!

  16. I bet the renovation turned out great! Your house has a good layout, and I could only imagine how it would look like after the project. Anyway, the best color scheme you can have for the bathroom is plain pastel or any of the neutral colors. The color itself creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere inside the bathroom; which is why it is the most preferred color for it. Thanks for sharing your updates, Joanne!

    Martha Ward @ Son-Rise Plumbing

  17. You must’ve been thrilled with the progress. The second floor looks great! To think that it wasn’t finished yet when you featured this. Anyway, the bathroom looks cute. It might be small, but it looks functional and efficient.

    Steve Beliveau @ First Class Inspections


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