I have something special to show you today.
A long, long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away . . ha ha) I tore
 this picture out of a furniture store advertising catalog.
I thought this was just about the most dreamy house I
had ever seen ~ it looks like something from a storybook.
I haven't kept very many of the pictures that I had torn out of
 magazines over the years, but I never threw this one away.

So recently I was perusing the HOUZZ site and just happened
to come across this house.  I immediately recognized it
as the house I had torn out of that catalog so long ago.

I was thrilled to see more photos of this house that is
 appropriately named Happy Hollow.
I love just about every detail on this house . . .

arched portico
stone columns 
cottage style shutters
large stone pathway
even the rows of geraniums on the windowsills

. . . what's not to love, right?

. . . inviting curved driveway, side porch with balcony, window boxes
beautiful landscaping, it just goes on and on.

So of course I was even more thrilled to see some 
pictures of the interior.
Many times I have seen homes that I love on the outside
 but then not so crazy about the interior.
  Well, that is not the case with this house at all.

Look how gorgeous this kitchen is!
I'm pretty sure the fact that it's decorated in blue 
means it's suppose to be mine, don't you think?

Such a pretty dining area.
My eyes were drawn to the blue enamel canisters 
in the background - love those!

Gorgeous study with a double sided desk ~ 
and amazing workmanship on the walls and ceiling.

The backyard continues with it's charming details.
It's like an enchanted garden.

I really think I should have this house, don't you?
I would invite you all over for a long weekend - promise!
We could sip lemonade and iced tea and play croquet on the lawn!

I hope you enjoyed Happy Hollow!

Have a super wonderful weekend!!

~ JoAnne

source for all photos can be found here


  1. That house is just gorgeous and very storybook like! Isn't that something that it grabbed your attention years ago and now you've found it! I know I could live there.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  2. O my goodness, drooling mouth How simply beautiful..Your right every part of it is beautiful...Love it wished it was mind too...Have a great weekend. with love Janice

  3. What a treat to come to your blog today! What a charming home -- yes I'd love to live there too! Thanks for sharing!

  4. What an absolutely over the top - crazy - unbelievably - tattooed in my brain forever now - kind of house!!!!!!!!!!!
    Inside and out - true beauty!
    Thanks for sharing - love house posts ( I do one every Wednesday )
    Have a wonderful wknd

  5. Your story is amazing JoAnne and the house too. And your blue everywhere, I've enjoyed a lot


  6. Oh it truly IS dreamy, indeed.

    Awesome post. Nice to drool whilst dreaming, eh?

    Wish I could give it to you, Joanne!!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. What an amazing house. Did you discover where the house is?

  8. Oh my....that home is gorgeous! I am defiantly going to pin this one! Loving your blog by the way....I am your newest follower!


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