April 27, 2013


We have some progress on the exterior part of our
 2nd floor remodel project  ~ yeah!

I chose the cedar shake style of siding for the dormer.
How do you think it looks?

The color you see is just the color the siding comes in so
I will be choosing colors for the siding and trim.
It will be some sort of white/beige/light gray ~ you know,
one of the gazillion shades of paint in that category.
I'm looking for something to blend in nicely with the stone.
If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them!

Just one little problem (or several) at the moment though.
If you look closely at the picture below, 
you'll see something that doesn't belong.
Do you see it?

How about now?

See the squirrel in the corner of the portico?
Yep, we have squirrels living in our soffit!

From inside the house, you can hear them running around.
I've always thought squirrels were cute but now they
are just really creeping me out!

So Varment Guard has been called and humaine traps
have been set ~ we have to get them out of 
there before we can close it up.

PLEASE find a new home soon little squirrels!
I enjoy you so much more from afar!!

You can see previous posts about our remodel HERE and HERE.

~ I hope you're having a wonderful and squirrel free weekend ~

~ JoAnne

UPDATE:  The squirrels decided to vacate on their own.  It may have been all of the pounding and loud noise from the work being done.  We're very relieved!!  

Notice:  No squirrels were injured in the remodeling of our home!  : )


  1. Love squirrels but I wouldn't want them there either! Hope they can catch them all and get them hauled away. Your house is sooo pretty, can't wait to see the colors you choose!

  2. I can't even imagine having creatures to eradicate. I'd be freaked out. Good luck getting your house back.

  3. They are cute poking their little heads out but totally would be worried if they were up in my soffits!!! Hope they find new homes soon. They just could not resist the new digs you provided for them!!!!!

  4. I'd rather have squirrels in the soffits than centipede IN MY HOUSE ugghhhh - disgusting!
    ( that really is the cutest little photo though :)
    I think the siding would be fabulous painted black.........!
    Have a great rest of the wknd,

  5. Those little creatures are way too comfortable at your home! What a beautiful color of stone to have to match! I'd lean towards gray, but you're the color expert ... the title of your blog makes me think that!

  6. They are cute, but I agree with you in that they have to go. They will cause damage. We don't have them here, but everyone I know who has had them back east described how they eventually became territorial. Throwing things at them and screeching. My sister even had one jump on her, and fortunately it did not bite her.

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  8. I love the way your remodel is coming along! The exterior dormer looks so nice. I like squirrels but don't think I'd want to hear them running around either!

    Enjoy the great weather we're getting this week!


  9. Awwww, I know they can be really annoying. We had some living in our house a while back. But seriously that is the cutest photo ever of them sticking their heads out!

    Love the cedar siding by the way. It looks great with the stone of the rest of the house.

  10. I love how your remodel is looking! I had to laugh when I saw the squirrels little head peaking out. I guess he thinks you did all of this just for him! Good luck with getting rid of them. It's nice to hear that you're doing it the humane way. Unfortunately, my dog takes care of squirrels the inhumane way! Bad doggie!!

  11. Your remodel looks great! Squirrels are such cute little creatures but they can really do a lot of damage if they get inside your attic. They love to chew wires, etc. Glad they left on their own.


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  13. O my goodness lol I kept looking and couldn't figure what the world it was that didn't belong...I have heard they can take over places and become difficult..they are so cute..hope they leave soon..but I doubt it they will have to be pushed out..with love Janice

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  16. It makes your dormer unique. Although it seems to be slightly off. Good thing you had your entry roof of the same shade as it is. It's just quite unusual for me to see cedar shake style siding for a dormer. But I think it's fascinating, JoAnne. :) Nelson @Royal Roofing & Siding